1950s Fashion

A legendary saying goes as, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." Adopting new fashion always keeps one aloof from the monotonous trends.
| Thursday, August 12, 2010
Fashion is an amalgam of the costume, the hairstyles, the footwear, the jewelry and other accessories that set a trend. Till the 1940s fashion was not of much importance but in the legendary decade of 1950, the fashion world took a sudden ascend and created an everlasting inclination towards ‘style’. Glamour touched the lifestyles of the youth and there was a revolution in the fashion world. Style icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe had lot of teenage followers inspired to accept fashion as a part of their daily wear.

For women, the 1950s brought in the trendy full skirt and the trimmed tubular skirt and since then the fashion world took off with leaps and bounce. Exhibitions making fashion more popular among the women folk were organized all over. Mark and Spencer was one of the legends to popularize fashion among the British. The concept of ‘fashion designing’ got a sudden surge of making it a successful career. Chanel Line gained great popularity in America for the collarless jackets and coats. These outfits were combined with accessories like pearl strings by many famous fashion houses.

Admired Fashions in the 1950s

Fashion till the 1940s was not at all a focused need of the masses. Fashion designers limited their work only for the adults. Post World War II, the fashion world took a new turn and women began to dress more elegantly. The contribution of the teenagers in bringing about this revolution is highly commendable.

  • In the mid 1950s, H-Line tunics with slender skirt were in the fashion, followed by the sack dress.
  • The trapeze dress became the style icon in the early 1960s.
  • The empire line dress, popularly known as ‘Baby doll style’, was the favorite among teenagers in the late 1950s.

The 1950s became an era that marked the beginning of Fashion wars between renowned fashion houses. The eyes of the fashion houses started expanding their focus on the masses rather than just limiting their work for the rich class clients. Well-liked fashions were considered to be an inspiration to develop some new outfits for the mass market. The fabrics that worked magic in the 1950s were manufactured from petrochemicals and the high acceptance was due to easy handling and durability. These materials were expensive and were only affordable to the high class. But in the later phase, fabrics like Nylon, Crimplene and Orlon were introduced in the market, which were of reasonable prices to the population.

These exquisite dresses were matched with innovative hairstyles. So along with the fashion houses, the hairdressing salons also took off in a big way. Hairstylists gained a great momentum in this era. Beehives and French pleats were famous among the women. This boosted the business of all sorts of hair products like shampoos, conditioners, Hair oils and rollers etc.

Accessories too became a vital part of fashionable garments. Designer necklaces, trendy purses, stylish spectacles and goggles, perfect stockings and gloves and smart belts were worn along with the modish outfits.

Today the world of fashion is one of the growing industries in the field of entertainment. The exposure to fashion has tremendously growth due to accessibility to the channels totally dedicated to fashion. The roots of this gigantic industry have come from the amazing decade of 1950 which gave a new face to the fashion industry.

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