60th Birthday Party Ideas

A known quote says, "Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world." So lets make your 60th birthday the best celebration of the year.
| Thursday, May 06, 2010
Legends have well defined the seven stages of life since our birth. These stages start with the happy times of childhood, pass through the confusion stage, the exploring stage, the planning stage and finally enter the tutor stage or the elderhood. It is upto the capability of an individual to add 'life' into these stages and living them to the fullest. Struggle and pleasure are a part of every stage.

It is believed that little things in life that make one happy should not be ignored, like a birthday celebration. Who wouldn't love surprises? Especially when your loved ones, surprise you on the most special day, your birthday! At elderly stage of life like 60s these little surprises matter a lot as they convey an important message of care and concern.

60th Birthday Party Ideas

  • A 60th birthday party can be a private affair with close family members going for an outing or in a cozy restaurant.
  • Having a big bash is the other option wherein you invite a crowd of people and have a rocking birthday party.

Ideas for 60th Birthday Presents

'Needs and taste change with time!' It is important to make your mom or dad feel how much you understand them.

Gift ideas are immense but would serve its worth if it is the one your dad or mom is looking for. Whether expensive or cheap, the intensions behind presenting a gift are important than the gift itself.

Dad's 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Arrange for a surprise party and secretly invite dad's old friends and colleagues whom he might probably might not in touch with for years because of his busy lifestyle.
  • Presenting a membership card of renowned sports club or tickets to a favorite sport event would be an ideal gift.
  • Gift him a voucher for a tour to a foreign country (a destination that he has been always longing to visit)
  • Gift him his favorite perfume or a shirt of his preferred choice of color or a latest technology mobile phone.
  • Gifting dad's favorite car which he has always been willing to own would be a great surprise.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

  • A woman's greatest fascination - the diamond will be the most ideal to gift your mom in the form of earrings, or a necklace or a ring.
  • A mother makes the most of sacrifices for the upbringing of her family. Cook an excellent meal with culinary of her choice as a surprise on her birthday.
  • Present her a photo album that contains the photographs of all the golden memories of her life and watch out how she reacts to it.
  • Decorating the party room with flowers (especially roses) would seem very pleasant for the party evening.

60th Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday cake is the most important element of the celebration. Here are some ideas to organize a mind blowing birthday cake.

  • A sporty cake, based on the theme of a popular sports game would add fun to the party. The shape of a football, a cricket ball or a bat etc would be cool enough to impress.
  • A cake designed as number '60' would be a good choice with 60 shimmering candles all around the cake.
  • A cake of the shape of a car or a sports bike would be an interesting idea.
  • A simple square or round shaped cake with a heart touching quote would be a good theme for a birthday cake.

Memorable occasions do not come our way everyday. 60th birthday is one occasion that needs to be celebrated n such a way that it is remembered for life. This is an opportunity which we get to share our happiness with close relatives and friends.