Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

All democracies (and every other structure of government) are bound to have few structural flaws, which are associated to the character of democracy. Diverse populaces have diverse views about the different political procedures. The advantages and disadvantages of any political structure have to be measured vigilantly in order to reach at any finale.
| Monday, March 16, 2009

"For if liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost." - Aristotle

Democracy originated from the Greek word demos (people) and kratia (power); Democracy is the thought that leads a country to give an atmosphere that unites equivalent gains and prospects (in the political, social, and economic spheres) for the common man. There are many advantages to this political scheme; the masses are given rights and liberty. An additional advantage of democracy is that it permits common man to play a dynamic part in the political actions of the nation. Nonetheless, there are disadvantages also. One of the prime disadvantages of democracy is the power of the masses which can also be distorted and become the autocracy of the masses. Therefore this can become a treacherous matter in democracy. An added downside of the ruling of majority in democracy is that it lifts barriers in the liberty of idea or the freedom of outlook.

Advantages of Democracy

Peaceful Modifications in the Government

Democracy can offer modifications in government without hostility. In a democracy, authority can be reassigned from one party to another by the mode of elections. The power of the general public of a country decides its ruling power.

Averting Monopoly

Furthermore, any government is confined to an election tenure after which it has to contend against other parties to recover power. This method averts monopoly of the reigning party. The reigning authorities have to ensure it functions effectively for its people as cannot continue being the authority subsequent to carrying out its term unless re-elected by the people.

Feeling of Gratitude

This inculcates a feeling of responsibility towards the citizens. The reigning party owes their accomplishment in the elections to the people of the country. This leads to a feeling of thankfulness towards the citizens. It can act as their inspiration to function for the people for it is the general masses that have absolute authority over selecting their government.

Social Responsibility of the Citizens

An additional vital advantage of democracy is that the citizens achieve a sense of contribution in the procedure of selecting their government. They get the chance to speak out their views by method of electoral voting. This gives ascend to a feeling of belongingness in the brains of the masses towards their society and its well being.

Disadvantages of Democracy

Making the wrong choice

In a democratic country, it is the common man who has the supreme right to choose their legislature and their prevailing authorities. As per a general study, not all the people are completely conscious of the political circumstances in their nation. The common masses may not be acquainted of the political matters in their society. This may lead to common man taking an erroneous selection during election.

Authorities May Lose focus

As the government is bound to changes and modification after each election tenure, the authorities may function with a interim objective. Since they have to go through an election procedure after the conclusion of each tenure, they may lose focus on functioning effectively for the citizens and instead might concentrate on winning elections.

Hordes Have Influence

A further disadvantage of democracy is that hordes can manipulate citizens. People may vote in support of a party under the pressure of the bulk. Constrained or influenced by the ideas of those around, an individual may not put across his/her accurate judgment.

Democracy averts radicalism and encourages teamwork and synchronization. It also slows things down, stops those in authority doing what they wish regardless of the majority's desires.

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