How to Be Rich Fast

Life surely gives everyone one chance to be rich, yes just one chance to be rich fast. How to achieve that is entirely how you see things and the way you react.
| Saturday, October 25, 2008
If you have set out to become rich, there are things you must know, there is a path you must follow and there is discipline that you must inculcate. Becoming rich quickly is not something that every tom, dick and harry can do. It requires patience, perseverance and focus. Before I start giving you get rich quick ideas, I would like to present you with a few things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Be ready to accept failures.
  • Channelize your ideas.
  • Learn to make decisions when multiplicity occurs.
  • Always be a learner. A quick learner is the one who has most chances.
  • Applicability is equally important as learning.
Now, I would let you know some ways through which one can become rich, quickly or not depends upon you. If you are thinking on getting rich quickly on the Internet, do give things a second thought as the Internet is filled with scams and too good to be true schemes.

Creative Content Writing

A lot of creative writers earn in 6 figures each month. If your writing skills are good, you can try to initiate by writing freely for websites. This would prepare yourself a nice portfolio which you can present to companies. As your credentials and experience keep building up, so will your paychecks will keep building. If you already have a nice writing background, you can try websites such as where you can find people who pay you for your writing.

Own a Website

Owning a website is one thing, but making it successful is an entirely different thing. You need to have good design skills, good programmatic skills and a good analytical mind. If you get things right and build something that is truly unique (though helpful), you might be a superstar overnight. You would generally earn money from the website by placing third-party advertisements or selling ad-space.


Work-at-Home are job opportunities that one can simply perform from their comfort of homes. Work-at-Home programs offer a fixed payment (sometimes, incentive based) to people to get things done like writing, data processing, data-entry, writing ads, medical transcription, etc. Sometimes, merely working from home won't pay you much. The idea here is, get work, gather qualified people and assign. This way, you can be a entrepreneur, pay people and you will get rich quickly. Yes, this is possible, just be aggressive in your approach and who knows you might end up having a pretty cool life.


Well, this won't make you rich quickly but it will certainly after a period of time. The idea here is to start investing as early as you can in your life. If you have kids, may be you can do something for them. Investments can be anyway like investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds or preferably gold. The advantage of buying gold is that, gold prices have a knack of rising, so if you have money and have a lot of gold, boy you will certainly be very rich in the near future. Hey, if you are into investing do give some try to real estate. Real estate pays really well if you have natural selling abilities along with some contacts.


MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing involves recruiting your selling army who would sell products for a third-party for whom you would be a direct affiliate. Heard amway? Give it a try. With MLM, you need to be very careful as there are a lot of fakes and fraud programs that will rob you off your money without paying a dime. But, if you have the right skills, the right program and the right contacts, MLM would surely make you rich quickly.

Tried LA?

Yeah, you must know playing blackjack or poker might not only make you rich but indeed very rich. The problem with Las Vegas or casinos is that it may pauperize you.

Marry Rich

Yes, find someone who is rich and marry them. Of course, don't be a jerk and destroy someone's life.
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