Beach Party Theme Ideas

What would be better than spending a day on the beach? What people would love to do on a beach is based on ones own interest. Let us look at some interesting beach party theme ideas.
| Thursday, May 06, 2010
To make the day spent on a beach a remembrance, there has to be some fun added to it, by working out some party theme. A theme can be anything under the sun. But here what definitely matters is the involvement. If a party theme is worked out and the participation is poor then the game is lost. Creative themes can be worked out with some brainstorming. Fun-filled minds bring out great ideas. A blend of different ideas can formulate an excellent theme for a beach party. So what are we waiting for? Let us bring out some great ideas to make a surprise out of a party.

Beach Party Theme Ideas

What's your costume today?

  • A common color dress code can be decide among the group, like red or it may be something like pink for girls and blue for boys. To boost the motivation, one can organize a competition and a prize may be announced for the best beach costume.
  • How about a fancy dress? Nopes! It is not like dressing up like a joker or a king or a doctor. Take up beach as your theme again. Dress up like anything that you commonly see on the beach, like the salesmen who sell eatables or perhaps, the animals you see around on the beach, or may be even the sun, the sand or the fishes. Howzzat? To add to the fun arrange for some music and dance all day long.

Things You Can Do At Beach Parties

  • Artistic people can come along with their painting gear and get going.
  • Fish ponds can be organized to tickle the laughter cells and evacuate stress from the mind.
  • There can be more enjoyment if you have singers in your group who can sing in some tunes to make your day.
  • Collecting shells can be a good pass time for creative minds.

Food At Beach Parties

  • A barbeque party on the beach can be an excellent theme with some tongue tingling recipes.
  • Share and that would be fair! Every individual can work upon a recipe and share with the group.
  • Chill out with some cool drinks! Mocktail (drinks that do not contain alcohol) treat would be a great treat on a bright sunny day. All individuals can create a Mocktail of their own choice by mixing the available ingredients.

Beach Party Games

  • There are a number of games to play on a beach; Volley ball and cricket are some of the common ones.
  • Castle building! Good old childhood days can be brought back to make your day memorable on the beach.
  • Water games are loaded with fun and can be made a part of the party! But non-swimmers need to be careful.
  • The feeling of partying on a beach needs to be evoked in the first place, by creating a beach décor. Sitting arrangements like that of an artificial boat can be made.
  • Artificial fishes can be spread around to give the feel of partying around the sea on a beach.
  • Handicrafts making can be a good theme to make all invitees create some beach related object in their own innovative way and hang it around.
  • Kids can be entertained by organizing some dancing and singing competition.