Ceramic Vases and Pots for Home Decoration

Home is the best place to live in! To make it the best place we need to have eye-catching interiors. Let us understand a few facts about Ceramic ware which are popularly used as decorative things.
| Saturday, August 28, 2010
We take immense efforts in making our home look beautiful. Ceramics have become a vital part of decorative themes. For an elegant interior, there are a many options available in the market. The decors available are as per the liking and preferences of the family members. Individual likings vary a lot. Some people prefer graceful curtains, some like floral decorations all around or some go with stylish cushions.

To add to the above decorations, Ceramic pots and vases would work like magic. Ceramic flower pots look charming when they are placed at specific corners or the center of the room. These are to be placed isolated from crowded areas because they are breakable. The cost of a Ceramic vase varies according to the quality, size and also the vendor from whom it is purchased. Ceramic vases are mistakenly considered as very expensive to be purchased for interior decoration.

How to Select the right Ceramic Pots or Vases? 

There are many ways of making a selection of Ceramic pots and vases:

  • Wall color scheme – Depending on the wall paint color one can make a choice of the color of the Ceramic vase. If the wall paint shade is dark then a White colored Ceramic vase with a light shimmering design would be ideal. Similar a contrast colored vase can be chosen if the wall paint is of a lighter shade.
  • Size of the room – If a room has more empty space, a big Ceramic vase can be placed at the center of the room, on a round table.
  • The design on the vase may also match with the type of flowers placed in it.
  • Hand colored Ceramic vases - The design of the vase can be customized as per the liking of the individual. One can paint a design on a plain Ceramic pot as a hobby and can decorate it with beads and other decorative accessories available in the market. Hand colored Ceramic vase turns out to be a very elegant decorative piece when done by a creative artist.

Ancient Japanese ceramic vases are one of the most elegant and exquisite decorative pieces and highly popular since ages. These have come into being after the fabulous contributions of the legendary Japanese artists. Ancient Japanese pottery (also commonly known as ‘Sueki’) is still looked upon for interior decorations. The use of ‘Sueki’ in early times was to preserve commodities or in festivals and ceremonies. Bizen (oldest Japanese wares that are hard, reddish brown in color and without glaze), Shigaraki (pottery and stoneware popularly produced in Shigaraki town located in Japan) and Tamba (also called as ‘Tanba’, is lighter by weight and more refined compared to the counter parts) are the branches of the Sueki practice.

Ceramic flower pots are very eye catching. There is a wide variety that can be spotted in markets, local plant nurseries and shops specialized in interior decorations. These glazed pots are available in an array of sizes suitable to ones home.

These Ceramics can be an excellent theme for ones garden; especially the large pots of lighter or dark shades, would look amazing when placed at every corner of the garden. If one wishes to place Ceramic pots in the garden then the quality of the pots would certainly matter because these pots need to be highly durable and weather resistant.

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