Children Museums in America

Museums for children bring out the curiosity in young minds; it is for this reason that children museums form an important part of the learning process. There are many children museums in America, each has different exhibits and teaching methods but the same aim which is to provide youngsters with an experience they will cherish for life.
| Wednesday, September 22, 2010
"Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well." - Aristotle

Houston Texas Children Museum

As the name suggests this museum for children is located in Houston, Texas. This museum is known as the highest attended youth museum in the USA since more than 750,000 people visit it annually. This Children museum is currently undergoing expansion. Once the expansion is complete this Children museum will have seven new exhibit galleries, each carefully designed to provide visiting families with interactive learning experiences. As of now it has 14 galleries and exhibits and innovative outreach programs for children from birth to 12 years.

Boston Children Museum

This museum is located in Boston, Massachusetts along the Fort Point Channel. This museum is the second oldest Children museum in the United States and contains activities to amuse as well as educate young children. This Children museum has a large collection of objects from all over the world. Some of these objects are made available to schools through the Educational Kits Program. Some of the exhibits you can expect to see at the Boston Children museum include Arthur and friends, Boston black, global gallery, the recycle shop, science playground and construction zone.

Long Island Children Museum

If you want to provide your child with an excellent opportunity for learning then this is the perfect museum to do that in! Located off Charles Lindbergh Boulevard in Garden City, NY, Long Island Children museum will give your child an partially on hand chance to learn about math, science, nature as well as different cultures in attractive surroundings. The attractions at the Long Island Children museum change three times per year thus drawing more and more visitors. A few of the most common attractions include the giant bubble maker, Climblt and the communication station.

Portland Children Museum

Founded in the year 1946, the Portland Children Museum is the sixth oldest Children museum in the world. This Children museum is 50,000 sq. ft in size and receives about a quarter of a million visitors every year. The Portland Children museum uses shared discovery to inspire creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning in adults and children. Some of the famous exhibits in this museum include the water works, the clay studio, the wonder corner and the garage. These exhibits help children learn and cultivate creative expression.

Pittsburg Children Museum

The Pittsburg Children museum makes use of interactive exhibits to teach children. Stuffee, the museum’s mascot is used to teach children anatomy while bike, traffic and skateboard  safety is taught to them on “Safety Street.” This museum encourages creativity and thus has areas which contain art supplies for children to use. This Children museum also has puppets which the children can put on and stage their own shows in one of the four puppet stages. To educate children the museum also has outreach and educational programs.

Chicago Children Museum

Founded by the junior league of Chicago in 1982, this Children museum is located at Navy Pier in Chicago. The Chicago Children museum moved several times and today is the fourth largest Children museum in the United States. Every year this museum for children serves 500,000 people at Navy Pier. This museum has an admission charge but you can go free on the first Sunday of each month!

Minnesota Children Museum

This non profit community organization’s mission statement is “sparking Children learning through play.” This museum provides learning opportunities for children from six months to 10 years. The environment in the Minnesota Children museum is one in which kids can climb, splash, crawl, push, pull, touch and press it all. There are seven galleries in this museum each uniquely designed to provide a hands-on stimulating learning environment.

New York Children Museum

If you want your child to have some fun while learning then the New York Children museum is just the place to be! In this museum children aged six and under can have lots of fun in the Dora the explorer play area while those who are older can enjoy themselves in the five floor exhibits. These are many upcoming exhibits in this which include a puppet festival as well as other programs where your child and you can meet various authors and designers. This museum for children also hosts traveling exhibits.