Different Chat Symbols

Looking for different chat symbols to use while chatting or mailing? Look no further, I have tried to bring you the most common symbols used today
| Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Different chat symbols can be generated by hitting a combination of keys. These symbols, mostly are used to express oneself and can be easily used in your favorite IM programs or email. There are also some popular symbols those which can just be typed in and many people have already been using them since ages.

Symbols that can be used without using any combination keys:

Symbol   Meaning of the symbol
:)   for a smile or expressing happiness
:(   for expressing sadness
:D   for expressing joy
:P   for teasing
:X   for tight lips
:S   for confusion
:O   for surprise
;)   for winking
:^(   for crying
xx(   means dead
:$   for expressing embarrassment
=D>   for clapping
-_-   sleepy or losing hope
:o)   denotes a clown
}:)   evil smile
:Y:   thumbs up
:N:   thumbs down
:-B   denotes a geek
:":   questioning
:@)   denotes a pig
o_O   surprised

Symbols that can be generated using a combination of keys (also known as ASCII characters):

Symbol   Denotes   Combination Keys
  smile   Alt Key + 257
  dark smile   Alt Key + 258
  heart   Alt Key + 259
  spade   Alt Key + 262
  diamond   Alt Key + 260
  club   Alt Key + 261
  female sign   Alt Key + 268
  music or singing   Alt Key + 270
  sun   Alt Key + 271

Using the ALT key combination, you can try and generate as many different types of symbols as possible. Go ahead, give it a try!

If you wish to go one step further and be truly unique, try and seek for ASCII art. Using ASCII art, you can generate full pictures using just computer symbols.

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