Flower Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a popular form of decorative art. People choose tattoo designs that reflect their personality. Among various tattoo designs flower butterfly tattoo designs are particularly popular with people. This article will try to give you some insights about different tattoo designs to help you pick your favorite ones.
| Monday, January 12, 2009
Tattoo is a form of permanent marking made by way of inserting ink within layers of skin so as to change the pigment. Tattoo is a popular decorative art where people choose different tattoo designs so as to express their individuality. There are a large number of different tattoo designs that a person can choose from. To create tattoos on the skin the tattoo artist ordinarily requires a good and clear reference of the design and this can be obtained through a well drawn stencil of the tattoo. Among all the different tattoo designs flower butterfly tattoo designs are particularly popular. Flower tattoo art is popular with people since flowers stand for love, friendship and innocence. Flower tattoo designs are quite feminine looking and so are quite popular with women. However a great deal of variety can be incorporated into these designs. A person can choose to have a single flower tattoo or even have a chain of flowers. In recent times flower tattoo designs have also become popular with men since these can be incorporated in the form of tribal designs. Many people choose to combine flower tattoos with butterflies, hummingbirds, vines and ladybugs.

Flower Tattoo Designs

Daffodil is a popular flower tattoo design and has been used by the American Cancer Society as a symbol for hope. Therefore many people who have been victims of this illness choose to get a daffodil tattoo.

Daisies symbolize innocence and colored daisies look particularly beautiful. People often choose to get a daisy tattoo on the foot or shoulder and it symbolizes purity, faith and loyalty in love.

Hibiscus is also one of the most popular flower tattoo designs and is recognized for its delicate beauty. The color used in the tattoo is often yellow or red and its symbolic meaning is often stated to be something consumed by love.

Water lilies stand for purity of heart while calla lilies symbolize modesty and beauty. White lilies stand for sweetness and purity. Orange lily signifies hatred and in ancient Egypt lily was also a popular symbol for fertility.

The lotus is a part of myths and stories in India and Egypt and is accepted as a symbol of love and empty yearning. Lotus flowers float on muddy waters in a pond and so these are often used to signify purity floating on dirt as a part of spiritual awakening.

Rose is one of the most popular flower tattoo designs and has a wide range of meanings associated with it. Red roses stand for romance, unity along with courage while pink roses stand for secret love and also grace. White roses convey eternal love, simplicity and innocence while yellow roses stand for friendship. Rosebuds are a symbol of youth and beauty.

As tattoo designs sunflowers are also rather popular with the larger sunflowers symbolizing loyalty while smaller sunflowers stand for adoration.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterflies are also popular tattoo designs with many people opting to get butterfly tattoos in tribal or Celtic style. Many people get butterfly tattoos on their lower back, ankles and arm bands. Butterfly as a tattoo design is rather feminine and it also stands for freedom and this is what makes it one of the most popular designs. In fact butterfly tattoos are the fourth most popular tattoos after some other tattoo designs like tribal tattoos, star and cross tattoos. Since butterflies also signify rebirth, transformation and freedom they are also popular with men. Men can combine tribal elements with the butterfly tattoos. In fact tribal butterfly tattoos are black and so are quite popular with men. Butterflies tattoos designs can be easily created in the back region since this area or location is perfect for these tattoos. Celtic Butterfly tattoos are also popular butterfly tattoo designs and in this the border or the butterfly’s wings may be filled with beautiful Celtic artwork.
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