History of Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt has become a popular choice of desert. This article throws light on creation of this desert
| Sunday, June 03, 2012

Frozen yogurt is a desert that has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. Described as a cross between an ice cream and yogurt, this desert promises delectable taste without being high in calories. Frozen yogurt or froyo as it is popularly known is now available in multiple flavors and with a whole range of delicious toppings.

It might be surprising to most people but frozen yogurt has been around since the 1970s. However it failed to make a mark when it was first introduced because consumers found the taste much too tart to their liking.

History of frozen yogurt seems to suggest that this desert was around thousands of years ago in Asian civilizations. Yogurt itself has its origins in Turkey and in earlier times fermentation process in the yogurt occurred accidentally due to bacteria naturally living within goat skin bags that were used by nomadic people. The Roman Emperor Nero had a particular liking for iced deserts in 60s AD. Europe was introduced to the flavored ices during the 1200s and with time it spread to North America. 

It seems frozen yogurt was first introduced in 1970s in New England by H.P Wood and was called Frogurt. Packaged frozen yogurt was then available in 1978 by Brigham's and it was called Humphreez Yogart. Danone was another frozen yogurt business that was started by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona. However around this time frozen yogurt failed to become popular even though these products were introduced as an alternative to ice creams.

What has set apart frozen yogurt from its cousin, ice cream is it unique flavor and taste. Unlike ice cream sweetness is not the only predominant taste that one experiences while eating frozen yogurt. The tartness is well balanced with sweetness making froyo extremely refreshing. The toppings like granola bars, cookies, cake pieces, chocolate chips etc allow for a variety of textures and balance well with the creaminess of the desert.

Since its creation frozen yogurt has quickly gained popularity since people have recognized the multiple health benefits that this treat delivers.

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