Home Remedies to Lighten Hair

Are you thinking of coloring your hair? Most coloring products have high chemical contents and can damage the hair. Read on to learn about some home remedies to lighten hair.
| Saturday, November 22, 2008
Coloring, lightening or highlighting the hair has always been a popular and fashionable way of making a personal style statement. Owing to this ever increasing demand a large number of companies have come up with products that are particularly targeted towards coloring, highlighting or lightening of hair. A major problem with these products is that they tend to contain large amounts of chemicals and other harsh elements and these can cause long term and even permanent damage to the hair. These chemicals can also make the hair look rather dry and limp. A large number of salons and other professionals also provide treatments whereby hair can be lightened. However coloring or lightening the hair from a professional salon can be rather expensive.

Here are some home remedies to lighten hair:
  • For dark hair it is best if lightening of hair is done through a professional in order to get the best results. Likewise if you have undergone any chemical treatments on your hair or if your hair is excessively damaged then it is best to seek professional help rather than using any home remedies to lighten hair.  Also before using any home remedies it is advisable that a small skin test is done by dabbing the mixture to be used on the wrist or the insides of the elbow so as to rule out any possibility of allergies.

  • Among all the home remedies for lightening hair lemon juice is the most potent and also the safest. Rinsing the hair with around a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed in a gallon of warm water can give the hair the desired look. This can be done any number of times so that the hair gets the desired color. However care should be taken since lemon juice can be hard on the skin and the hair. So it is best to use the lemon juice together with warm water.

  • Another effective home remedy for lightening the hair can be obtained by adding ¼ cup of fresh rhubarb to around 2 cups of boiling water. This mixture can then be strained and the resultant liquid can then be applied to the hair.

  • Flowers can also be used to lighten hair. To around 275 ml of boiling water add around 1 tablespoon of dried camomile flowers. Let the flowers soak overnight and strain the mixture in the morning. Now rinse your hair with this liquid multiple times so as to get the desired effect. Wash the hair after letting the solution remain for around 15 minutes.

  • For people who have gray hair and who are not comfortable the following home remedy can work effectively. In two cups of water brought to a boil add around ½ cup of dried sage. Allow this herbal concoction to soak for a period of around seven to eight hours and then rinse your hair with this dye. Other natural dyes include tea and coffee.

  • For natural highlights you can make some strong rosehip tea. Once the tea cools you can your use this mixture to get those natural red highlights.
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