How to Dress Like a Rockstar

Do you fancy yourself as a rock star and would love to sport the rock star look even if it is just for the day. Do you think you already have the personality to carry it off? Just read on for some pointers on sporting the Rock Star look.
| Saturday, May 02, 2009

There is something fascinating about the way Rock stars dress and present themselves. It has everything to do with their distinctive styles and also their personalities. Perhaps that is why they earn legions of fans and supporters. Most people would love to live the life of a rock star for even a day just to see how it feels like. It is however hard work to create that distinctive look and maintain it. With a little guidance you can easily create your own style and dress like a flamboyant rock star, even if it is just for a day.

Preparing Yourself for the Rockstar Image

You need to be resourceful to get the right accessories and clothing not to mention that hairstyle to sport a Rock star image. The best way to do that would be to find some inspiration. Watch some rock music videos, go to some high profile clubs and see what people wear and what you like about it. Identify items that you would want to incorporate in your look. It’s important that you don’t copy an entire look since you would want to develop your own style and one that would be rather original too. To get a unique look it is important to identify your signature item. If there is one item that you wear often say a studded belt or stiletto heels, this can be incorporated in the look and can help you stand out. Identify the shopping stores from where you can collect items for you rock star look. Look for places that have unique and vintage items such as clothing from 70s and accessories. It is important that the rock star look that you are sporting should be such that it can be easily maintained. In case you actually intend to become a rock star it should be such that requires minimal help from people since you would be doing the make up and styling on your own – at least till the time you actually become a successful rock star.

Develop the Right Attitude

The one thing about Rock stars that makes them stand apart is their personality and the way they carry themselves off. The indifference and sensuality exuded by the rock stars is something that makes them so popular. Learn to emulate that since it's not just the clothes that you wear but your attitude as well that will allow you to truly look like a rock star.
If you closely watch some rock stars you will realize that one of the things that set them apart is their obvious love for tattoos. So get some cool and original tattoo designs for yourself. Let them be different like some tribal designs or some ancient oriental designs. Large amount of body art is the one thing that can guarantee rock star status. For that authentic rock star look you need to dress up in skinny jeans. Team it up with some graphic T shirts or the vintage cotton ones and fancy sunglasses. Wear some arm bands, wallet chains and studded belts or belts with enormous buckles that can make a strong statement. The right footwear should seal the look for a rock star and this should include converse for grunge rockers and bathing apes or the air force boots for rappers and country rockers.

Style Up

Jewelry is one of the accessories enthusiastically sported by rock stars. Expensive and flashy jewelry is enough to complete the look of a rich rock star and it creates a distinctive style statement. Jewelry should preferably include all kinds of piercing. Hairstyle also plays an important part in getting the authentic rock star look. Gels and colors can be freely used to create a distinctive look. Country rockers should not keep the hair too short. For grunge rockers differing lengths and the wild look seems to be the most popular. For ladies aspiring to sport the rock star look it is best to create a distinctive style with a slight feminine touch. A mini skirt teamed up with crudely cut top and fancy belt with pretty heels should do the trick along with other accessories to really give an edgy feel. While sporting a hairstyle it is best to opt for a shorter style or a euro mullet or for one with layering. The make up should either be kept to a minimum or the ladies should opt for a complete theatrical over the top look. For ladies in the country rock scene denims and tailored shirts together with cowboy boots and hats and long hair will complete the look. Lastly don’t forget to wear the "I don’t care" attitude and this new demeanor should be enough to guarantee you rock star status – well at least in your neighborhood.

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