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Every individual descends from a common ancestor which certain beliefs and customs. These qualities, as time passes, become a unique identity of a group of individuals or a community. Such a group or community may be termed as 'folk'.
| Saturday, July 24, 2010
Folklore relates to certain ways of living, beliefs, cultures, superstitions, legends etc of certain population and which is passed on generation to generation. In some cases folklore is influenced by certain religious elements but yet might show high variance within a community. Sometimes folklores are absolutely not associated with any religious elements, they just emerge due to some kind of psychologies or mythological beliefs. Folktales are one such example. These have no documentation but are passed from older generation to the young generation verbally. These are basically retained in the memory and do not have any authentic references.

A great variety of Folklores erupt from different parts of the world. Some of the interesting facts about these folklores are as follows:

American Folktales

The American folktales are an amalgam of the Native American myths, the legends and ghost stories etc. Tall tales like Brer Rabbit, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Weather Lore; Ghost stories like The Jersey Devil, Supernatural Tales; are highly popular among the masses.

Russian folktales

The Russian folktales have a touch of their cultures and tradition which the folks cherish. These tales have been on the tip of the tongue of the Russians since generations and are enjoyed even in the modern days. These tales serve as a source of learning of the ethics and morals for the children.

Japanese Folktales

Japanese folktales give a peep into the rich Japanese traditions and also the lifestyle of the Japanese people. The way of presentation of these folktales sound so realistic that the viewer enjoys reading or viewing the tales. The series of spooky tales actually shakes up the readers.

Irish Folk Music

Irish folk music is much talked about all around the European continent. The popularity of the folk music is to the extent that the masses prefer these more than the music in cinemas or other media. The Irish folk music is known to be almost two hundred years old. Since these many yeas there have been changes in the music especially in terms of the language. This music is popularly played in most of the celebrations for dancing. Tambourine is the most anciently used musical instrument. Guitar, Saxophone, drums and bouzouki are also popularly used.

Mexican Folk Art

Mexican folk art is a magnificent collection creative vase, wall hangings, fabrics, furniture and various other items. “Artesanía” is the collective term used to describe the Mexican art. It simply means art created by the common people using ancient traditional methods and not by industrial machines. Amazing toys are also a part of this art in Mexico. These toys are highly praised for the creativity and they are made from material of very low value. This artistic work is of high demand all over the world.

International Folk Dances

These are nothing but fusion dances that reflect the music, dance and costumes of various ethnic groups blend together into one. International shows organized for the leisure of the population invite performers who present such international folk dances to entertain the crowd. These dances are choreographed after a lot of research so that they look realistic just like the original folk dance. All individual ethnic groups are quite sensitive when comes to their own folklore so any flaw happening during the performance can result in conflicts.

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