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Earning or making money on the World Wide Web is not as easy as you might think it is. There are several pits dug by the so called marketing gurus where you can easily fall. I will help you to understand the whole scenario right from the bare basics.
| Friday, September 12, 2008

Basically, we generate the money making idea inside our brains when we see or hear from someone that it is really possible. So, it all starts when we judge what is possible and what is not. Believe me this is a great start. When you believe in something and you think you can make it possible, it should imply that you are willing to put in efforts. But, the real situation today is despite of putting a lot of hard work and efforts, people fail, thousands of businesses start and end each day. I know this sounds harsh, but this is the real fact. So, isn’t there anyway to overcome the hurdles and start a successful online business or find a method to earn money? Remember, where there is a will, there is a way. There are a lot of ways through which you can make money but for that there should be a proper approach or a method that should be followed.

Method? Proper Approach?

I am not some Internet Marketing Guru or something, but I have seen, experienced and tried many ways some of these people show. Today, every other guy who knows search engine optimization and has a bagful of stupid tricks to get website traffic, is a marketing guru. The fact of the moment is, many of them too want to be rich, and they too want to make money. And how do they actually make it? Well, there are two answers to this argument:

  • They convince you to buy something that will help you to make money 
  • They convince you to join them(as sub-affiliates) so together you can make money (MLM)

By this time, you brain might have started interpreting – oh! So I need to pick one way out of this to earn money. Before you make any assumptions I would show you some ways to earn money on the internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet

The following are just a handful of ways to earn money on the internet:

  • Sell something (product, service, your intellect) 
  • Buy something with selling rights, sell the other thing for a higher rate 
  • Sell someone else’s product or services for commissions (being an affiliate) 
  • Become an affiliate, recruit sub-affiliates and earn commissions from sales made by sub-affiliates 
  • Process, re-process or construct chunks of data 
  • Start a website, earn from placing advertisements 
  • Start a blog, earn from placing advertisements 
  • Steal

Steal? Well, I just wanted to cover all possible answers to the question on how does one start making money on the Internet. Any option you pick from the above alternatives would help you to earn money on the internet. And trust me, every option requires equal amount of hard work, planning and proper approach not to mention self-belief, patience and dedication.

Proper Approach Continued…

It is true that you could earn money on the internet with resilience, proper approach and hard work. The following steps would help you draft a proper approach towards anything you want to use for making money on the internet.

1.) Your answers to the following questions should be yes.

  • Are you going to put enough time towards the concept?
  • Are you going to be patient enough for seeing results?
  • Will you possess self-belief and grit towards your concept?

2.) You should have a thorough study of the concept you are going to implement or use for making money.

3.) You should have enough qualifications to start working on the concept. If you lack some, additional time should be spent on meliorating your skills prior to getting started.

4.) You should decide not to use immoral ways or tactics (in the long run, this would hurt you badly)

5.) You should have a good foresight towards whatever you are going to do. The market trends must be observed and analyzed carefully.

6.) Every decision you take, right from the start to the unknown end, it is important that the decision is thoughtful and has been given adequate time before putting into practice.

Caution and WarningsThere are a lot of bad guys out there on the web and it is important for you to heed warnings prior to getting started on making money.

  • Don’t listen blatantly to huge chunks of text claiming to help you make money in a fortnight and then hypnotizing you to buy something that would help you achieve it.
  • Apply your own logic and reasoning to take decisions.
  • If you need to advertise, study on how to effectively advertise on the right locations and at the right times and fix a proper advertising budget.

Remember, don’t follow wrong practices in order to gain fast results, know this for certain, there is no fast way to anything in life. Success comes with our own inner strong human qualities; try to work on instincts rather than being a sheep in the flock. Signing out, hoping you all the best in your endeavors.. 

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