Name and Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

There was a time when we used feed information like name to retrieve details like address and phone number but today technology has made the reverse possible i.e. recovering individual details from a phone number. Reverse look-up by phone number service has minimized to a great extent the dependency on white pages.
| Friday, May 14, 2010
Have you come across a situation wherein you had to search the owner of a telephone number? Definitely yes! Some common examples that we face frequently are; a call on the mobile phone with no identity or some number spotted while cleaning a drawer or a damaged phone diary having the number but no identity or a number written on the corner of a newspaper or a regular harassment of firms sending text messages or making calls for promotional purpose.

One way is to make a call and find out but what if the call is not answered? It is also not necessary that you might find the details of the person on a telephone directory or white pages. At such times a service called 'Reverse phone number lookup' comes in handy.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

'Reverse lookup by phone number' is a service that helps to locate the identity of the user of a particular phone number which is not listed in conventional telephone directories and white pages.  Mobile number reverse lookup is a similar kind of terminology but more specific to mobile numbers.

Reverse phone number lookup service proves useful in the following cases:

  • Companies who need to promote their products in a new market and require a target client contact list.
  • Create an invitee list for a sort of social gathering in a particular area.
  • Individuals who wish to get in touch with old colleagues or classmates.
  • Retrieving details of persons from a lost or damaged telephone diary.
  • Continuous pestering of promotional calls or text messages on your cell phone and you wish to put an end to this nuisance.
  • Your phone bill displays one or few unknown numbers of which you don't recollect the details.

How Does Reverse Look-Up Service Work?

  • They purchase the database of subscribers from mobile operators and telephone companies. These companies get an agreement signed from the Phone Reverse Lookup service providers so as to not to make this data available to the masses free of cost. Anybody who wishes to avail this service has to have a valid credit card or any other genuine payment source and get the registration done.
  • They combine the information retrieved from various sources and make it available to individuals who are searching for somebody's identity. Details of unlisted numbers can also be found out through this service.
  • The support services offered vary from company to company. Most of the companies provide very basic information but on paying some additional amount, more information can be received.
  • Since there are immense numbers of companies providing this service, one must be careful in the selection process so as to not fall prey to frauds as this involves online usage of credit card.
  • The payment options also vary company-wise. Payment can be made for a particular search or if this is a regular requirement than a membership fee may be paid.
  • Free reverse phone number lookup services are ones that provide some basic information free of cost but charge for additional information.

The phone reverse lookup directories are most amazing sources to search for details of the owner of a number. Paid services provide lot many accesses to the user like unlimited lookups phone reports, advanced search for in dept details etc. living up to the assurance given, no other sources can provide as much information as does the Phone Reverse Lookup services. The best part of the service is its simplicity so that any layman can make use of it.

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