Physical Infidelity

Have you noticed that your spouse seems rather moody and secretive these days? Do you think your relationship is not as smooth as it used to be? Read on to learn about physical infidelity.
| Sunday, March 15, 2009
Ignorance may be bliss but a person cannot afford to remain ignorant if infidelity is slowly annihilating the very foundations of what was once a strong relationship between two people. Marriage is the one bond that cements the relationship between two individuals and infidelity in marriage can absolutely tear apart lives. Modern way of living has given rise to a new form of infidelity which is called as emotional infidelity but traditionally infidelity has always been associated with a situation where a person engages in physical or sexual intimacy with someone other than his/her partner. Statistics indicate that as many as 30 to 60 percent of married people are likely to indulge in infidelity and men are more prone to cheating than women. However this scenario is rapidly changing with more and more women working and thereby the possibility of office romances is also higher. Physical infidelity may be in the form of a long standing affair or a one night stand. Most normal individuals do not consciously decide to indulge in extra marital relationships. More often than not marital infidelity cases occur where the relationship itself was not very healthy or where the couple was having deep seated problems that were not dealt with. This is not to say that the cheating partner can shirk responsibility where infidelity in marriage occurs. There are some signs that can help individuals identify marital infidelity and thereby help them to seek guidance so as to mend the relationship. These signs include:
  • One of the first tell-tale signs of infidelity in marriage is that the cheating partner becomes extremely conscious and particular about his/her looks. This change is sudden and rather uncharacteristic. If it is the man who is cheating then he may suddenly spend a lot of time in self grooming. A woman who is cheating may become very conscious of her weight and looks and hit the gym.
  • The woman may seem rather withdrawn and silent from her partner. This may be because she feels guilty of cheating on her spouse. The man on the other hand may become very moody and angry. He may question your loyalty just to try and avoid his guilt or some men who cheat may also pick up fights with their spouses. Such fights help them to feel less guilty and justify their actions and the fights also allow them to walk out of the house on occasions just so they can meet their lovers.
  • In some cases of marital infidelity the person cheating may shower his/her spouse with gifts so as to feel less guilty for his/her actions.
  • There may be a complete loss of interest in sex or the cheating spouse may use excuses of being too tired so as to avoid sex. In some other cases there may be sudden and excessive interest in sex on part of the cheating spouse and also a desire to try new sexual techniques and positions.
  • Another very important sign is that the cheating partner may be spending lavishly on his/her lover and so he/she may be very secretive about the money and finances with the spouse. The finances would be kept hidden or there may sudden unaccounted expenses explained with flimsy excuses by the cheating partner.
  • The individual indulging in physical infidelity may also use excuse of excessive workload and business trips to meet his/her lover. Sudden increase in workload or continuous absence from important family events and inability to schedule time for family outings and events may also be a sign of infidelity.
  • Sudden changes in personality, values, beliefs, preferences can also be a sign of infidelity. Another sign may be when the person who is cheating suddenly mentions new places or new people that you have never met or heard of before and frequently visits those places or meets those people.
  • A person who is cheating may keep his computer password protected and be very secretive about his/her cell phone and the calls he/she makes or receives. Sudden changes in behavior such as not taking certain calls or walking out of the room to answer certain other calls could also be a sign.
  • In some cases the spouse of a cheating individual may find email accounts that were not known or separate credit cards and cell phone bills that were not known to the spouse.
  • Yet another sign of infidelity in marriage is when the cheating partner absolutely clams up and stops confiding anything in his/her spouse and there seems to be a problem in communication. You may also find intimate items or other gifts with the spouse which he/she did not receive from you.
  • In many cases of infidelity the cheating partner displays emotional disturbances, a generally angry disposition and even sleeping problems. The individual may also seem rather touchy and at times smell differently. There may also be signs that may be found in the car and that may indicate that the cheating partner has been with someone.
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