Printable Wood Carving Pattern Ideas

Who would not appreciate the remarkable art of wood carving? The decades old art of wood carving today can be mastered by one and all. Let us have a glance at some easy wood carving patterns.
| Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you possess the hobby of wood carving then pick up your tool box and get going with it. An easy guide for wood carving patterns is available in all forms like books and websites. These sources are highly user-friendly and give simple illustrations to help you make an attractive piece of work.

Wood Carving Patterns for Beginners 

For any beginner, the question that would sprout is ‘How do I start?’

1. Pick your tools

The first exercise would be to gather your tools. The essential set includes a bench knife, sharp razor blades, chisels, gouges and v-gouges. Pick up the tools as per your comfort in handling them. There are some advanced tools available but that would be required after sharpening your skills and not at the basic stage. You may also refer to a beginner’s tool kit that explains the function of every tool in wood carving. Do not forget to wear glasses to protect your eyes and gloves to prevent getting hurt by sharp objects.

2. Choose an appropriate type of wood

You have two options in this case, the soft wood and the hard wood. Soft wood would be certainly preferable for beginners. Some examples of soft wood are pines, butternut, soft maple and bass wood etc. Some examples of hard wood are walnut and oak.

3. Choosing a design pattern

If you are willing to give a try on your own then you may start with any simple design that comes in your thought. You may try carving the following basic patterns:

  • Shapes like square, circle or a triangle.
  • Animal wood carving patterns that include simple sketches of farm animals.
  • Birds, trees, flowers, leaves and fruits.
  • Other simple images like that of a boat, a house, the clouds or a star can be carved.

Printable Wood Carving Patterns

Refer to the following easy wood carving patterns which are simple to carve and one may add his or her own ideas to give a classic touch to the carving.

  • Repeating circles, squares and diamonds or wavy lines. This pattern is particularly good enough to carve the borders of the piece of wood. Combination of the basic shapes can be one of the themes like a circle in a square or a triangle in a circle or concentric circles with a star in the center.
  • To carve human elements, facial expressions would be the ideal theme.
  • Images of the fantasy tales like the angels, the dragons, the fairies, the devils etc would also work well as a pattern.

Would you like to make something wonderful out of some small pieces of wood?

Carving patterns for very small pieces of wood seems to be difficult but it is a great job to do. If you are not able to draw your own pattern then trace out one using a carbon paper. Patterned alphabets or numbers would be ideal to be carved on small wooden pieces.

One can make tiny dolls or any other toy out of the small pieces of wood and paint them with vibrant colors to give a rich finish.

For more ideas, reach out for the websites on the internet to turn your dream hobby into a reality. Have a happy and safe wood carving!

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