What are Wigi Boards or Ouija Boards?

Ouija boards or Wigi boards are tools that help bring messages from the world beyond. These boards are said to reach past spaces formed by time and reveal thoughts and messages from those who no longer form a part of the Earthly world.
| Monday, January 18, 2010

A Wigi or Ouija board is a board that is flat in structure and theoretically used to get in touch with spirits. Known by other names like the talking board, wigi board, Isis board or spirit board, the Ouija board has numbers, letters as well as other symbols marked on it. To indicate a message on this board a planchette (or marker) is used. This wooden tool or movable indicator is shaped like a heart and spells out the message during a séance.

History of Wigi Boards

The history of the Ouija board dates back to China before Confucius was born. It was at this time that people in China used instruments which were similar to the Wigi or Ouija board to communicate with people who had died. The Greek too used a table fitted with wheels to point out signs. These signs were seen as communication with the world that could not be seen. In the 3rd century A.D, the Romans also used similar devices. It was in the mid 19th Century that brought with it the first undisputed use of the Ouija board. At this time various other methods like the swinging pendulum or letters drawn on the floor were used as methods to attain divinity. With time came about changes and it was in the 1800's that the movable indicator better known as the planchette was sold as a novelty. Two businessmen, Charles Kennard and Elijah Bond were the first to be struck with the idea to patent a board which had alphabets written on it along with the planchette. This action saw the birth of the Ouija board as we know it today! As time passed by the production of the Ouija board was taken over by William Fuld, who was an employee of Charles Kennard. He was the person who gave the board the name Ouija which is derived from the French word "Oui" which when translated means yes along with "Ja" which also means yes in German. Fuld's entire business was sold to Parker Brothers in 1966.

Criticism Surrounding the Ouija Board

The Ouija board game is often said to be a simple toy but like all things there is criticism surrounding this game. Some Ouija board stories talk about experiences that mention facts like being haunted by demons and ghosts after using Ouija boards. Other Ouija board experiences like the one cited by Harry Houdini talks about the psychological effect of the Ouija board on five inhabitants of Carrito, California. Various other experiences like the ones which occultist Manly P. Hall stated in 1944 talk about her personal Ouija board experience which helped her know about the world beyond. A "dangerous factor" that is what Dr. Curry, the former medical director of the State Asylum of New Jersey called the Ouija board. Dr. Curry believed that if the use of this board continued the insane asylums would be full of people who felt that this board was of use to them. Various other people like the psychic, Susy Smith and Martin Ebon; the parapsychologist criticized the use of the Ouija board and the paranormal phenomenon associated with it. Christianity also believes that the Ouija board allows the user(s) to get in touch with ghosts and demons. This practice, they say is forbidden according to the Bible. A few critics are also of the opinion that the Ouija boards are fake and do not do what they claim to.

How to Make a Ouija Board at Home?

Having read the about explanation about the Ouija board I am sure that by now you are either waiting to make your own Ouija board or believe that Ouija boards are fake. Well if you fall into the first category, then the materials and steps have been outlined here.

Materials -

  • A large table (polished surface)
  • Some paper
  • A black marker
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glass

To begin take the paper and write out the alphabets and numbers 1 to 9 on it. Along with this also write the words yes, no and goodbye. Once that is done, use the scissors to cut the paper or rip each word, letter and alphabet into square. Now place the pieces of paper that have the letters and alphabets in such a way as to form a circle. Place the words in the middle of the alphabet circle. Remember to make the circle large enough for the glass to move. Once the above steps are complete, place the glass in the middle of the table and start the game!

The information contained herein do not necessarily qualify or be applicable scientifically and/or rationally. The same is intended for educational purposes only.

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