Birthstones Color Chart

Birthstone charms are said to protect you against all the bad things that there are. Different colors are associated with these gemstones which vary according to your birth month. Read on to know about birthstone color chart with list of birthstones for each month.
| Friday, April 16, 2010
God or Blessings of well wishers or good luck charms or Birthstones! This is something that is hard to believe as well hard to ignore, isn't it? We will narrow down our scope of discussion on Birthstones or Gemstones. The Birthstones have got to do more to our life than just bringing luck. They are said to have effect on our health, our relationships, our career etc. Their powers are known to be enhanced during the month in which the individual is born.

Birthstones are available in various dazzling colors. The classification of Birthstones is a complex process. These are precious stones like Diamond, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphire etc. To know ones Birthstone, one has to get his Horoscope (prepared on the basis of Birth date and time) studied by an astrologer who would then suggest the precious stone most suitable to the individual. The individual might be suggested to wear a single stone or a combination.

For a layman to understand better, there are different types of Birthstone lists; Modern (list created by an official body formed under the expertise of jewelers), Traditional (list created under the societal guidance), Mystical (List obtained from an ancient Tibetan book) Ayurvedic (This list is from the ancient Indian medicine). The selection of the stone may also be based on ones zodiac sign.

Birthstone Color Chart

A Birthstone color chart gives information on the gem stones in relation to the months. Let us check the following birthstone list, classified as per their respective months along with a few properties.

Birthstone Birthstone Color Birth Month Birthstone Importance
Garnet Deep red January It is known to have curative powers that protect from diseases and is also said to relieve depression. The stone also portrays loyalty towards a relationship.
Amethyst Purple February It imparts a sense of authority in an individual. It is also a symbol of spirituality and sincerity.
Pale Blue
March These symbolize traits like thoughtfulness, consistency and happiness in an individual.
Diamond Transparent White April Being the symbol of everlasting love, the stone signifies an enduring relationship.
Emerald Green May These symbolize rejuvenation and enrich an individual with wisdom and patience.
Pearl White June These are regarded as the symbol of purity and are well accepted for its healing properties.
Ruby Red July These stones symbolize power and everlasting love. Ruby is also said to bring in good fortune.
Peridot Green August The stone is said to be a protection against the evil. It also signifies a strong bond between relationships.
Sapphire Deep Blue September The stone has been believed to guard against envy and a cure for poison. It also cures mental illness and eyesight problems.
Opal Pink October The stone is known to guard against evil, protect eyesight and prevent nightmares.
Yellow Topaz Yellow November It has been believed to be having curative properties for kidney ailments and also counteracts on Snake venom.
Blue Topaz
Cool Blue December The stone is said to have control over hot tempers and also believed to have healing powers in Asthma and eyesight ailments. Turquoise is an alternative Birthstone for the December born and is known to stand for friendship and luck.

Do not wear it just as a jewelry; gemstones can change your destiny!

Birthstone charms are commonly gifted during occasions. Wearing a precious stone as jewelry or as Birthstone has lot of difference. There is a listed procedure to wear a birthstone, which is unique to every precious stone. For example, the form of jewelry to be worn, like a ring or a pendant; if a ring then which finger is it to be worn; which metal is to be used as a base like gold, silver, copper. The rules mentioned on wearing a birthstone are mandatory to follow which is not in case of a normal jewelry item that need not be worn all time.