Cheap One Way Car Rentals

Who would not love to travel with comfort and economy? Everyone does. Today there are options available to make your trip comfortable and economical with cheap one way car rentals, read on to learn more.
| Friday, May 21, 2010

Why opt for cheap one way car rentals?

Cheap one way car rentals have their role in the following cases:

  • When an individual or a family or any group of people are permanently shifting to another place.
  • When the return journey from the destination is through some other mode of transport.
  • One is traveling to a destination but the return journey date has not been fixed.

Benefits of one way car rentals

  • Emergency road services are made available at various locations so travelers need not worry about any breakdowns.
  • Frequent travelers can earn points on every trip and avail the point based services offered by companies.
  • Some companies may provide extra mileage facilities for some sight seeing during the journey.

Where are these services searched for?

One way car rentals services are offered by a number of companies. The contact details of these companies can be searched over Internet, Newspapers, Telephone directories etc. internet is the preferred mode to search for the best one way car rentals. The companies put up their basic offerings like the charges as per the distance, the vehicle models available currently with them and also other terms and conditions. The rates of the rentals depend on the factors like distance, car model opted, number of passengers traveling etc.

More information on one way car rentals

  • The age of the person, who will be driving matters here because, it would involve some insurance related issues which need to be taken care of.
  • The person needs to decide upon the type of car depending on the number of passengers traveling and also the budget.
  • One should look for the best deal from the various options available, by making a comparison chart of the rates and services offered by different companies.
  • Companies also offer discount one way car rentals to make the travel package more attractive and economical to the travelers.
  • The traveler can drop the vehicle to another location for which some companies lay a charge.
  • The companies may also impose a fine for not delivering the vehicle on time or if the traveler crosses the allotted limit of mileage as per the specified terms and conditions.
  • The maximum number of hours to be driven at a stretch is also specified by the companies.
  • Travers can avail benefits of off-season rates especially in destinations like California, Florida etc. competitive low rates are seen in destinations like Chicago, San Diego, Orlando, New York and Canada due to high frequency of travel.


Driveway is an option wherein two purposes are solved; one is of a customer who wants to transport his vehicle and the other of a traveler who wants to travel one way to the same destination. The traveler's schedule must be flexible as per the availability of a vehicle. In this deal the traveler needs to pay only for the extra gas, food, accommodation and tolls and also has to pay a deposit which is refunded at the end of the journey. This involves some risk and the car selection needs to be done carefully because any damage caused to the will be charged to the traveler by the owner.

Travelers need to do paper work on clean diving record and criminal background. The disadvantage of this option is the owner may send his luggage along so this limits the number of passengers in the journey. Owners also allow some sight seeing for the traveler but these are discussed prior to the journey.

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