Convertable Cars

Convertible cars are automobiles which anyone would love to own for a joyful long drive. These cars have roofs that can fold away.
| Monday, July 12, 2010

The technologies more or less differ with different brands of cars. Certain features remain common among all. The roofs are movable but cannot be detached from the vehicle. The folding off of the roof is under manual or automatic control.

The Saab 900 is an example of a classic convertible car that made its mark in the market between the 70s and 90s, followed by the launch of ‘new generation’ cars. The car was known for its extreme driving pleasure in terms of comfort and safety.

Convertible Car Features and Reviews

Convertible cars have been in existence since more than three decades. The fancy and attractive model designs have been attracting the buyers since the time of their launch in the market. The future has in store some technologically advanced models of convertible cars that will thrill the audience. In the present scenario cars are available with attractive features like convertible windows and seats. Convertible car seats also have a provision of rear facing and forward facing for infants and toddlers. This feature varies as per the height and weight of the child, which needs to be measured before purchasing the car seat. New convertible cars hitting the market are judged on their performance and the comfort they provide.

The pleasure of having a convertible car:

  • The best vehicle to enjoy a drive in, during pleasant weather.
  • One of the unique style icons to display in the crowd

There are certain disadvantages as well associated with convertible cars:

  • Prone to thefts. The car can be easily invaded through the roof.
  • There is a possibility of water seeping in during a rainfall, due to wearing off of the roof parts allowing water to creep in from the edges.
  • Damage caused to the interiors due to continuous exposure to the sun.
  • Rear view gets obstructed so safety is an issue with such cars.

Convertible Cars for Sale

Buyers have different objectives of buying a car. Convertible cars are purchased mostly based on their appearance i.e. models. Fuel economy and the cost of the car come next. Sometimes instead of a brand new model, used convertible car can be a good buy. Convertible used cars do not give much of options for the buyer to make a choice of his or her favorite model. When it comes to economy used convertible cars available for sale can be preferred. These may also be available along with a good loan support of reputed insurance companies. The cars also have a limited warranty period with offers that vary among companies. Some offer replacement of worn out parts whereas some provide warranties only for the body work and the paint of the car.

Convertible car parts are available for sale by their manufacturers which serve to be useful when the convertible top parts need a replacement. While ordering for car parts it is very much essential to verify whether the manufacturer’s sites are secure and reputed. The parts also come along with guarantees and / or warrantees of a limited period.

Top Convertible Cars

Reputed brands like BMW Z4, Honda, Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible, Volkswagen New Beetle Mazda, Ford Convertible, Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, MINI Cooper convertible, Toyota Convertible, Chrysler Crossfire Roadster, etc. are in full form launching sophisticated convertibles for the audience. Mercedes convertible cars are among the most reputed and best performing cars living up to the expectations of its buyers.

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