Used Car Valuation Guide

Looking for a used car? How would you evaluate a used car? Well, evaluating a used car is of utmost importance because a little carelessness can cost you a fortune.
| Monday, October 04, 2010
Generally irrespective of whether one wishes to buy a new car or a used car extensive research work is a must. Details regarding the car model market review, pricing, insurance, mileage are some of the important points that one needs to consider. It is sensible to not to be in a hurry to buy a used car. A minor fault neglected while purchasing the vehicle can be a costly affair. If one does not have the confidence of evaluating the vehicle then a professional can be employed for the inspection.

Why Opt for a Used Car than Buying a New Car?

There could be various reasons why anyone would be more interested in a used car than a new car.

  • It may be so that the buyer is just learning to drive and would not be able to afford the damage caused to a new car due to some mishap.
  • One may be interested in changing cars often which again does not sound to be affordable to go for a new car every time.

Where to Find a Used Car?

It is not at all difficult to find a used car. Advertisements flash all over through media like Newspapers, Magazines, pamphlets, internet etc. Word-of-mouth marketing is also common with used cars. There are guides available on used cars which advice on how to evaluate the best use car. The references also guide on the prices that a buyer can expect for a particular used car. There may be a minor difference in the price quotations given by vendors.

How to Evaluate a Used Car?

There are some important criteria which need to be considered before finalizing the deal of buying a used car.

  • The car that one wishes to buy must be certified as non-accidental and should also have a confirmation regarding the number of owners.
  • Physical appearance is the most preliminary examination. One needs to have a close watch at the paint finish and the body parts. Check the tyres for any wearing, headlights and windshield for cracks or scratches and the floor below carpets for any evidence of repairs.
  • Test drive can help in understanding more about the vehicle’s state. One may get an idea about the smoothness of the steering, the brake, the accelerator, the clutch and the gears. Any abnormal sounds can indicate some associated problem with the car or any of its part.
  • Warranty offered: Used car warranty varies as per the car’s model, miles covered by the car, age of the car etc. it is also not necessary that all the car parts are included under the warranty. One need to make a note of what all is the inclusions in the warranty.
  • Car parts: Another important aspect that is to be considered while buying a used car is to get the car parts examined. Used car parts may sometimes not be in good condition as the car seems to be. One also needs to evaluate the additional accessories like the air conditioner or the music system.
  • Mileage: It might not matter sometimes as to how old the car is or how old is the car model. The mileage that the car has covered certainly decides its age. As the number of miles increases, the valuation of the car decreases.

It is definitely not unwise to purchase a used car but the ‘value for money’ is what that is more important.

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