Baby Quilts - Patterns and Designs

Handmade baby quilts can not only provide warmth for your little baby but can also be a wonderful expression of your love. The following article will provide some information about baby quilts and the patterns and designs of the quilts.
| Friday, January 02, 2009
Making a quilt for your new born can be an exciting and fun filled task. Baby quilts can be made in a variety of patterns and designs. You can either come up with your own design or you can select on from any of the numerous books on quilting available in the market. Internet also has a large number of websites that provide plenty of baby quilt patterns and you can just as easily select from among these. Before you select the patterns and themes for baby quilts you have to be clear about the size of the quilt. The size will determine the amount of fabric that needs to be purchased and it will also help you to find out what size block needs to be used. For E.g. for a 24 inch wide quilt you would need four squares of six inch each in case you don’t plan to have a border. Accordingly you will need to pick pattern blocks that provide six inch squares.

Typically baby quilts are 26 inches x 48 inches in size for cribs. However you can make quilts in your preferred sizes by adding width or length so as to cover bedding and the pillows as well. While designing baby boy quilts you can use patterns with images of boats, Noah’s ark theme., fire engines etc. Chenille baby quilts not only have interesting patterns but also provide the much needed warmth to your little one. Embroidery baby quilts also allow for use of different interesting and colorful patterns. Stamped cross stitch baby quilts ordinarily come in kits that include all the thread that is needed. Many of the patters can be easily used by beginners as the pattern is stamped on the fabric and this makes it easier to follow the pattern. While making stamped cross stitch baby quilts it is advisable to start from the center of the selected pattern and work in outward direction.

Patterns for some handmade baby quilts

Simple Baby Quilt

For a simple baby quilt you will need center material that is patterned. This should be 31 ½ " x 25". The border material should be 4" wide. Two strips for the border material should be 25" long while two other strips should be 39 ½" long. The Backing material should be 37" x 44". Fusible batting can be used so that there is no need to quilt afterwards.

Once the material is cut as per the sizes you can first add the 25" border to both the ends of the material. Now add the other borders to the top and bottom part of the quilt. After this you can sandwich the backing and batting and front of the quilt. Iron the batting and backing as per the directions of the manufacturer. The backing material will now fold over the front portion of the quilt with around 1 1/2 "showing in the front portion of the quilt. Pin the backing that is displayed in the front of the quilt and sew the inner edge of the backing through all layers of the quilt.

Simple 4 Patch

This is one of the most popular baby quilt patterns as it allows you the use scraps and other leftovers from other quilts. Depending on your scraps you can do smaller or larger blocks. You can use 8" blocks otherwise. You can make up the 4 patch blocks with 60 blocks that are 4 ½" in size. Also for the solid blocks try and pick something neutral and these should be 15 blocks that are 8 ½" in size. For the batting, crib size which is 45" x 60" works well. For the border you may use 2 ½" strips. These should be 2 strips of 52" each and 2 other strips of 40 ½". 

First take the 4 ½" blocks and piece them together in any variety to create a 4 patch. Use the ¼" seam through the entire quilt. Once you have the 4 patches sewn together you can connect the 4 patch to the solid block. Use ¼" seam again. You can continue making the rows and then connect these rows to each other so as to create 6 rows that have 5 blocks in every row. For the border sew the 40 ½" horizontal borders first. Sew the vertical borders. After the top is done you can get the batting and backing and the quilt as you desire it.
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