Corporate Finance Management Career

Finance manager is one of the core assets of any corporate. Every organization whether small or big require a finance manager to control economics and handle activities like cash management, financial reports, investments, debt management etc.
| Thursday, September 30, 2010
Name any organization and corporate finance management has a place! In terms of career prospects finance management has a good scope. All major industries of the world like IT, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance etc have a demand for a sound finance management functioning.

Managing finance of a corporate is equivalent to risk management. Finance management involves making prime corporate decisions over the long-term strategies (investments, loans, dividends etc) and short-term strategies (resources, inventories etc) planned by different hierarchies of the management.

  • The act of tactfully acquiring highest returns with lowest possible costs in capital investments is the skill of the corporate finance manager.
  • The position demands expertise in debt management by choosing funds at low rate of interest and directing them towards a highly profitable project.
  • Another remarkable quality of a corporate finance manager that counts is designing a policy of dividends at high level that reflects a corporate financial stability.

Qualifications for Corporate Finance Management Career

  • A candidate would require a Bachelors or Masters Degree in the fields like Accounting, Finance, and Economics etc.
  • A Masters Degree or Post graduation Degree / Diploma in Business Administration, with finance as specialization is one of the most sought out educational level by organizations.
  • Specialization in Financial Risk Management could be an added advantage.
  • Professional certifications in Banking, Information Technology, and Insurance etc can earn more mileage for a candidate n terms of career prospects.
  • There are courses available which are specialized in corporate finance management. These may be categorized as Full-time, Part-time or Distance Learning depending on the choice of the candidate.

Positions in Finance Management are multiple in numbers. As one gains experience and builds up his or her skills the topmost position in the financial department is not far away. The following are some of the common positions in corporate finance management:

  • Corporate Finance Accountant: A person who manages business accounts like balance sheets, expense statements, income statements etc and who is also involved in carrying regular audits in co ordination with the regulatory authorities.
  • Treasurer: A treasurer is responsible for functions like cash management, handling financial budget, decisions related to capital investments, mergers, acquisitions etc.
  • Corporate finance analyst: A financial analyst makes a thorough study of the company’s financial position by reviewing the Balance sheets, credit reports, investments, income and expenditures. At the same time they need to be updated on the market front regarding all market factors that can affect the company’s growth. A financial analyst needs to be in regular touch with renowned financial professionals and advisors.
  • Corporate Finance Manager is a reputed position that controls all activities under the Finance department of the organization. They are one of the key members of the top management team who are involved in the company’s highly crucial strategic decisions.

Finance Management Career Paths

  • Cash Managers (to manage inward and outward cash flow, coin strategies on meeting cash demand or suggest on investing surplus cash);
  • Insurance Managers (suggesting insurance plans and planning a budget for it);
  • Credit Managers (monitoring the corporate credits and settling the accounts in allotted time span).

'Finance' is a huge domain wherein one may have immense choices of specializations to take up as a career. Technology has made some of the monotonous and tedious accounting jobs easier. So it goes without saying that knowledge on technology is a must along with other relevant educational qualifications for a successful career in corporate finance management.

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