Culinary Arts Career Opportunities

Culinary art is not just about being a good cook but an combination of 'what you cook' and 'how you serve'. It is in fact much beyond than being an excellent cook. Read on to know the career opportunities in this every growing field of Culinary Arts.
| Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's cooking on the career front? Opportunities are many but interest matters too! Have you ever thought that 'cooking' can be a rocking career? Indeed yes! If one has an inclination towards culinary arts, a bright career is not far away.

The job of a chef is to prepare a cuisine with an appealing taste as well as pleasing to the eye. For example some customers may be more impressed with a food item that has a salad dressing over it. So what is ultimately required is ones talent and creativity to carve a niche in the highly competitive food business.

Job in Culinary Arts

To take up culinary arts as a career, you need to be completely in love with the job! What you need is:

  • The physical and mental strength to sustain long hours of standing.
  • Readiness to work on weekends and holidays that demands sacrificing social life.
  • An open mind to acquire knowledge of a variety of cuisines popular all over the world.

These are certainly not the listed negatives of the career but the realities which many people fail to understand.

Do "Cooks" and "Chefs" Mean the Same?

The terms 'Cooks' and 'Chefs' are used interchangeably many times but in fact do not mean the same. The difference lies in the level of skills. Cooks are less skilled than chefs. Cooks generally take up jobs at fast food corners or small restaurants and are also called as short order cooks or fast food cooks. The job of a chef is more specialized and are also responsible for the restaurant's reputation. A chef has a better growth prospects than the cook.

Opportunities in Culinary Arts

  • A candidate trained in culinary arts can start as a food preparation and serving supervisor who supervise the service quality.
  • The next in the hierarchy is an assistant chef who works under the guidance of a head chef.
  • With rich experience and surpassing skills can attain the post of a head chef or an executive chef. These post holders are assigned the task of selecting the menu as well as handling the budgets. They decide upon the name and price of the dishes. The head chef also manages a team of assistant chefs.
  • One can opt for specializations with respect to the various cuisines. For example career in bakery products or desserts. This is also one of the most popular fields of culinary arts. Celebrations happen all round the year with a constant demand for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, party desserts etc.
  • One can start a catering business which also has a growing demand. A caterer is the boss in the business who is free to decide upon the menus and the time schedule. This offers more flexibility to the job. Caterers can design innovative menus to impress their customers and earn a good reputation with a quality service.
  • Diet and nutrition is another specialized field that can be a successful career option for culinary art trainees. These trainees can take up certified courses in diet and nutrition and can get associated with hospitals and fitness centers as dieticians or nutritionists.
  • Opening a small restaurant or a fast food stall can be a good start for a trainee to gain some experience in the culinary art field.
  • One can even pen down the cooking skills and publish books on culinary arts.
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