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A perfect Interior design has a remarkable role in driving an organization towards success. Let us read further to understand how this interesting field of creativity can be made a successful career.
| Sunday, October 17, 2010
A famous quote goes as "It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it". That is the magic of interior deigning. The art lies in how one can draw the attention of the masses towards the interiors of a premise.

Interior designing is a creative job that converts ones dream vision into a reality. Interior designing career today has a much widened scope than to just limit to decorating homes. Name any infrastructure, be it a home, an office, a hospital, a hotel or an educational institute, have a growing demand for an innovative and appealing interior design. There was a time when the interiors did not matter much as compared to the services offered.

Interior designing - A Transformation from Past to the Present

When demand increases for a particular job function, competition automatically ropes in. interior designing in today’s scenario is one of the most focused careers. In the past, basic educational qualification in the field of fine arts with a blend of creativity could give a good start to a candidate. In the present situation, where competition is more, it is mandatory for a candidate to undergo a professional training in Interior designing. A specialized training program grooms a candidate by touching all essential aspects required to become a competent Interior designer.

Education and Innate Traits

Interior designing is a job of responsibility in today's trend. The interior of any premise is required to be highly impressive and must be in accordance to the budget of the owner or investor.

One may acquire a bachelor’s degree in Interior designing and then take up a professional course in a renowned college or university. To earn the title of a certified or licensed Interior designer, one is required to take up examinations at the national level or even at the international level. These examinations have certain criteria that are to e fulfilled by the candidate like minimum qualifications and minimum number of years of work experience. Generally a basic graduation or post graduation in a relevant field along with one to three years of apprenticeship at a reputed architecture firm under the guidance of an experienced designer. The candidate may possibly be required to attempt an entrance examination which is a sort of creativity test.

Interior designing knowledge includes mastery over fields like spatial planning, architecture, fabric types and colors etc. Other than the knowledge in the fields of Interior designing one needs to have a relevant knowledge in the field of computers (Computer Aided Design is one such course that is offered by a number of reputed computer institutes world over). Designers who are certified with a pertinent computer course have a better recognition at the employment level.

Gaining educational qualifications is one part of a career in the field of Interior designing, what matters even more are the inbuilt skills like creativity, patience, persistence and vision etc.

Interior Designing Career Growth Path

A beginner works as a trainee under the firm's senior designer or the chief designer. On gaining considerable experience and competent skills one moves up the ladder as a chief or senior designer or even department head. On reaching a senior position in the Interior designing field, one becomes eligible to train beginners.

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