Wedding Planner Career

If you are creatively inclined and enjoy being your own boss then a wedding planner career is just the one for you. You can opt for this choice of planing in weddings career with the few tips that have been written down here.
| Thursday, November 25, 2010
Also known as a wedding consultant, wedding coordinator or bridal consultant, the job of a wedding planner involves handling the details of setting up the wedding. This includes a variety of tasks such as making appointments with clients and vendors, for gowns, and theme options and troubleshooting any setbacks. On the other side the wedding planner also has to look into details like seeing that the wedding stays within the budget, ensuring the vendors get their money on time and even collecting money from the bride and groom.

With about 2.2 million weddings taking place in the United States alone in the year 2010, there is no scarcity of opportunities for a wedding consultant. As long as you are good at what you do there are plenty of couples who would like their weddings professionally handled right from the very beginning. After all a marriage happens only once and everyone wants it to be a fairytale affair!

Tips on how to be a Perfect Wedding Planner

Hone Your Skills

A wedding planner should be creative and have good interpersonal skills along with the ability to love to plan events. But apart from that another quality which is important in this career is the ability to skillfully organize things. To do this you can create time schedules and checklist. Using tools like day planner and binder to keep track of all the paperwork and wedding details would be an excellent idea.

Gather Information About Weddings

You may have attended many weddings but did not care about the details, well, now is the time to do so! Since there are numerous details involved in a wedding you can learn how to plan one either through self-study or taking education classes. To increase your knowledge about weddings you can also attend and help out with as many weddings as possible. Do read wedding magazines, visit bridal shows and conduct informational sessions with people who are involved with marriages such as caterers, florists, clergy of various faiths and even newly married brides.

Make a Portfolio

To showcase your work it would be a good idea to create a portfolio. You can develop one if you offer your service to friends and family who are getting married and in exchange ask them to give you the right to use the photographs for your portfolio. To display more of your creative side you can also include pictures of your own wedding as well as pictures of your room decoration or table settings in your portfolio.

Get a Job in the Wedding Industry

This may not sound easy but it is worth a try because it will open many avenues for you. Since hotels, county clubs and churches hire wedding coordinators find out about any vacancies. If you want some excitement along with learning experience then look for an opening as a wedding planner at an attraction such as Disneyland or a resort located in Hawaii, Las Vegas or Europe. Companies that supply services for weddings also offer job opportunities.

Create Your Own Office

If you plan to start your business you can work from home in the beginning as long as you have space and are mentally prepared for interruptions from children and even pets. To begin with you would require a computer, business phone line, cell phone, fax, business cards and marketing material which could include your own website. In order to start on the right note you can set up a meeting with someone at the U.S Small Business Administration agencies among others. Once you have set your eyes on opening your own business you should think of what you are going to specialize in keeping your specific interests and skills in mind.

Develop a Rapport with Vendors

Vendors like limousine companies, photographers, invitation printers, florists and caterers need to be included in your planning. To develop relationships with them conduct informational meetings and learn more about their services and even the discounts they have to offer you as a wedding planner. While looking at a venue take care to check the size, cleanliness as well as the condition. Once a wedding is over send a thank you note to the vendors to show them how much you appreciate them on a job well done.

Get Clients and Set-up Meetings with Them

Vendors come into the picture even to spread the word around so once you have developed good relationships with them give them your card or brochures to pass around and recommend your services. Once the calls start coming in arrange a client consultation meeting. While doing so learn more about the couple like their requirements and budget. Show them your portfolio which will give them an insight as to what to expect. You can also use this meeting to discuss your fees, which might be an hourly rate or a flat fee. Show them how you can turn their dream into reality!

Be Known as a Professional

Since all successful minded wedding planners keep updating themselves, do the same by joining a professional association meant for wedding consultants. This will not only help you learn about new developments in the industry but also impress your clients, especially if you are certified as a wedding planner. Here’s wishing you a successful career as a wedding planner!

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