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If you love animals, this is the place for you! Animals are tender loving creatures that display so much of love and concern by their behavior, thus, it is no surprise that more and more people today keep animals as pets. The definition of pet includes nearly all the animals that roam the Earth. This category answers the why, when, where and how about animals and pets
The unique animal, Octopus, descends from the kingdom of Mollusks. Mollusks basically are characterized by a soft body with no backbone. Other popular members of this category are Snails, Oysters, Clams and Mussels etc.
Like humans, dogs also experience discomfort when in labor. It is this fact that makes it important to know the symptoms of labor in dogs.
Do you know that your dog could be suffering from kidney failure? Kidney failure is painful and makes the dog restless. You can help your dog on time by knowing the symptoms of dog kidney failure. The information below tells you about this dog disease.
It is great to have your own fish tank setup. It just involves a greater responsibility taking care of it. Always check water and fish conditions to keep any disease away.
Life is uncertain not only for humans but also for animals. If you have a pet it is important to vaccinate it and watch out for any symptoms and signs of dog diseases. Here is a list with details about common dog diseases and symptoms so that you can take extra care of your furry little friend.
Life is unpredictable and can cause pain even to the smallest living creature. Your dog might be at risk of developing lung cancer and so here is an article on dog lung cancer symptoms to update you about this terrible disease.
Hermit crabs can be entertaining to watch and easier to take care of. Conversely, they can have moderately long life and as in the case of any pet you should think seriously about your dedication before buying one.
The Earth has many beings, each unique in form. The Sea turtle is one of God's unique creations found in the ocean. To know more about this reptile, read this article which is all about sea turtles.
How much do you know about dog seizures? If you are a dog lover wouldn't it nice if you had information about this neurological problem? Read this article to know about dog seizure symptoms.
You must have seen sea turtles while visiting warm temperate seas or at aquariums but how much do you really know about them. Here we endeavor to tell you plenty of facts about sea turtles.
There are many diseases that affect dogs and dog heartworm disease is one of them! Knowing dog heartworm symptoms will help your seek treatment for your pet on time. So here is everything you need to know about dog heartworms.
Birds are one of God's most unique creations. The beauty that lies in every species of bird is unmatched. Read on to know the different varieties and species of birds found around the world.
Several dog owners have apprehension about not having adequate information about sickness and traits of dog medical questions. As all pet owners will concur, dog health questions are worthy of the equivalent attention that we give to our own health problems.
Birds are a unique family in the animal kingdom that has developed their existence in accordance to the environmental demands. Their beauty is defined because of their vivid colors and unique designs and patterns over their body. The fishes and insects are the only competitors to birds with regards to colors.
There are more than a few hundred genus of sharks, varying in dimension from less than 10 inches to over 50 feet. These astonishing creatures have a ferocious repute, but enthralling biology. Humans are a bigger intimidation to sharks than sharks are to us. Several shark species are endangered by fishing or by catch, leading to the fatality of millions of sharks every year.
Seahorses are one of nature's most distinctive and fascinating forms of aquatic life and are considered affectionately by people and interest groups of wide cultures. These captivating fish are endangered by over-misuse, unintended capture and dilapidation of environment. Following are some interesting and fun facts about seahorses.
Did you know that the starfish is not really a fish? Read on for more starfish facts, each more interesting than the last...
Just as with human beings, dog nutrition is equally significant to sustain a dog's hale and hearty coat, eyes, teeth, and on the whole welfare. The food that you select to provide your dog can impact its life in several ways. Read on to learn more about natural nutrition facts for dogs.
The aquatic life is humongous and wide ranging. It's a home to innumerable species and life forms. One of the magnificent members of the aquatic family is the Cnidarians. These are amazingly different in structure, as substantiated by colonial, gigantic medusa, siphonophores and corals, fluffy hydroids, together with box jellies with compound eyes.
This article will not only explain to how to train your dog not to bark, but also how to train your dog on when to bark. You can discover, in majority dog training journals or in most of the dog training visual clips how to train your dog not to bark. There are numerous dog training suggestions on this issue, but it is not only significant to stop your dog from barking, but also to educate your dog to bark when you wish him to.
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