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Cats can be described as cuddly, mysterious, playful and athletic animals. They are adorable creatures that make excellent pets. It is because of their playful nature that they are successful at brightening up even the dullest day! The body language of cats is easy to understand; they purr when they are happy and shake their tails slowly when they are annoyed, revealing what is on their minds. If you have questions or want to know more about this playful animal, this section is just for you.
Cats makes for one of the best pets to be with at home. Since long cats have co-existed and thrived with humans and helped humans get rid of scorpions, lizards, mice and other pests. Did you know that cat hunts over a thousand species for food? Read on to know more such interesting and fascinating facts about cats.
Even though Siamese cats look a bit different than regular cats, they are wonderful creatures to have as pets. Generally, Siamese cats have a triangle like face shape with erect ears. Read on to know more interesting facts about Siamese cats.

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