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Have you been experiencing intense pain in the stomach region? You could be suffering from stomach ulcers. Read on to learn more about stomach ulcer symptoms, its diagnosis and treatment options.
A sinus is an air cavity found at different locations in the head region. There are four pairs of sinuses. All of them have their one end opening into the nasal cavity for the exchange of air and mucus. The unwanted mucus is disposed off from the sinus cavities into the nasal passages from where they are excreted out.
Yeast infections are caused by overgrowth of the fungi Candida albicans. This infection can be disconcerting and painful for women. Following article will guide you about the natural home remedies for yeast infections.
Have you noticed some dark colored debris under your finger nails? You could be suffering from nail fungus. Read on to learn how to treat nail fungus.
Do you know walking pneumonia is a milder form of pneumonia. With rest and the right medication you can easily recuperate from this illness. Read on to learn about the symptoms and treatment for walking pneumonia.
Mucus in stool is small proportions is perfectly normal. However excessive mucus in the stool can be indicative of an underlying problem. Read on to understand causes for mucus in stool.
Have you been having persistent cold and flu like symptoms? Do you also experience headaches or pain around the cheekbones? Read on to learn about sinus infection symptoms and treatment.

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