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History has seen the birth and perishes of many civilizations but only few have left their imprints till date. The Greek civilization is one of the immortal civilizations whose glimpses are still visible in some parts of the Europe and the Mediterranean belt.
Every individual descends from a common ancestor which certain beliefs and customs. These qualities, as time passes, become a unique identity of a group of individuals or a community. Such a group or community may be termed as 'folk'.
A flag in simple words is a symbolic representation of ones country. Every flag belonging to a country has a history meaning associated. Read on to know more about meaning of flags of different countries like America, Australia, German, Indian etc.
Like many other cultures Egypt also has a rich tradition of myths and legends that explain the existence and its creations. The gods and goddesses are worshiped and feared for their qualities of heroism and anger. To know more about Egyptian myths and legends keep on reading.
The Phoenix lives a long life, and then is consumed by flames, only to immediately rise again from the ashes. This mythical bird is surrounded by folklore and legend. Read on to know about this legendary fictitious bird.
It is very important to know certain rules before you think of giving gifts to someone. Gifting someone gives happiness to both the gift giver as well as the one who receives it. Let us take a look at the etiquette you need to follow before gifting someone.
Scheduling a wedding can be one the biggest and most hectic phase of anyone's life. We all like to get gifts, but in connection to a wedding, we should try to emphasize on what a wedding actually implies. A wedding means union of two people in love who vow their lives to each other eternally and they want to make this pledge with friends and family present. This is a thoughtful act commendable of esteem. So, lets evaluate a bit of wedding etiquette as it relates to the special wedding gift.
Death is an obvious tragic event in someone's life. A visit at a funeral is not just any visit but where your sensitive side needs to appear profoundly and where you need to show your condolences with proper etiquettes. Read on to know and understand a standard procedure and protocol that one needs to bind to during a funeral.
Russians believe that dance is a Celebration of Life. Russian folk dance and music reveals the highest expression of spirituality. Read on to explore the roots and the history of Russian folk dancing.
Wedding etiquette rules are crucial to ensure that the wedding is completed without major hiccups. These rules will also help you to plan out things well in advance for any wedding you are attending or of which you are being a part of.
The culture of Madagascar is distinct and interesting. Here is more information about Madagascar culture.

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