Articles on Endangered Animal Species

More than 1 and half million species exist in the world today but most of them are towards extinction. More than 1000 animal species in the world are endangered. In the United States alone, 735 species of plants and 496 species of animals are listed as threatened or endangered. Animals become extinct because of their reproductive rates which is lower that their mortality rates over long periods of time. Recently, studies have also revealed that another reason for animals becomes extinct is their loss of habitat as more and more people are encroaching upon their living areas.
The Earth has many beings, each unique in form. The Sea turtle is one of God's unique creations found in the ocean. To know more about this reptile, read this article which is all about sea turtles.
Changes in the environment and natural habitat of birds following the ever increasing human population has resulted in the extinction of many species of birds. Many other kinds of birds have been declared to be endangered. The following article will throw light on the endangered species of birds.

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