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Health and fitness is surely a growing concern these days as people are becoming more and more engrossed in their careers. It is because of this scenario that the media is making an earnest effort to drive this message home. With all the fitness machines available in the market nowadays, it is possible to live a healthy life with just a little effort. Various events like the Family Health and Fitness day in the US, remind us of the importance of health and staying fit!
Yoga exercises are proven to be effective where none of the traditional exercise methodologies work. This ancient Hindu discipline of leading you to tranquility and physical well-being has been very effective in treating mental and physical conditions since time immemorial. Read through to understand the various forms of Yoga that you can practice to be fit and stay fit.
Are you planning to start on a low carb diet? Do the results promised by most low carb diets sound too good to be true? Read on to find the real truth and the dangers of low carb diets.
Have you been noticing some sort of a rash on your back? Is it rather itchy and painful? Read to learn in detail about the shingles disease.
Lack of regular exercise along with wear and tear of muscles can be contributing factors to joint pain. Some specific exercises can help strengthen the muscles and thereby reduce joint pain. The following joint pain relief exercises can help in healing and strengthening of these muscles.
Obesity is one of the primary reasons behind numerous health problems. The Ayurveda weight loss treatments provide a wide-ranging healthcare resolution to obesity and connected health dangers. Read on to know more about ayurvedic way to lose weight.
Have you been experiencing intense pain in the stomach region? You could be suffering from stomach ulcers. Read on to learn more about stomach ulcer symptoms, its diagnosis and treatment options.
Facial fat is a common problem faced by people. Though it is difficult to reduce the facial fat, it is certainly not impossible.
Pain, discomfort and anxiety are some of the words we usually associate with surgery. Hysterectomy is one such surgery that brings about various changes in the body. Read on to know how you can make your life easier and comfortable after hysterectomy.
Multiple sclerosis is a term derived from two words; the first is from the Latin word multus plus plica which means fold; and the second is adapted from the Greek word skelrosis, which means hardening.
A brain tumor is characterized by abnormal cells growing in the area of the brain. The spread is dangerous since the tumor cells are capable of destroying the normal brain cells. The tumor starts meddling with the normal functions of the brain parts causing inflammation, pressure imbalance etc.
Cancer, the name itself evokes a mixture of emotions since it is associated with pain, discomfort and even death. Cancer affects various parts of the body and is caused by many different factors. Here you will find the causes of mesothelioma cancer.
Impatience is a curse which needs to be tackled at the earliest in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Read on to know how you can rid yourself of this curse.
If you have opted for bariatric surgery it is essential you know everything about the diet too. This article titled diet for bariatric surgery tells you what you should eat so that you get better faster.
Leading a healthy life is not difficult if you know the correct way to do so. This article on yoga and Ayurveda throws light on this ancient science and informs you on how to use both to your advantage.
Life sometime throws unpleasant surprises at you but thanks to scientists and researchers some problems have a solution that eases the pain and makes life comfortable. In this article you will learn all about cochlear implants and its pros and cons.
Mucus is a clammy, jelly-like material formed by assorted components of the body. Frequently it is transparent, while it can also look greenish, whitish, or yellow in color. Even though mucus is most frequently linked with the respiratory system, it can also be formed by the intestines. For this reason, it sometimes shows up noticeably in a person's stool.
The hearsay has it that chocolate is a high calorie food. However there is emergent confirmation that, in moderate quantities, dark chocolate may in fact be beneficial for you. Let's find out the dark secrets of dark chocolate.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease which affects joints with inflammation and marked deformities. The following article would try to explain what is rheumatoid arthritis, it's common symptoms and treatment options one can pursue.
Severe obesity can cause many complications and make life uncomfortable. Bariatric surgery, also called as weight loss surgery, may be the solution to your problem but before you decide to go under the knife read the information below as it tells you more about this procedure.
When the universe was created God crafted and provided fruits with many nutrients so that human beings could enjoy good health. One such fruit that He created is grapes as the juice has the power to keep many diseases at bay. Read on to know the benefits of grape juice.
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