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Women scientists and inventors have found an important place for themselves in the world of science because of the contributions they made. Have you ever wondered how we have so much information about the galaxies that exist outside the Milky Way? Have you ever tried to find out who designed Blissymbols? The answers to these questions lie in knowing about famous women scientists, women who brought about a change in this world.
Hans Christian Oersted's contribution to the field of science is immense. This article tells you about his life and his achievements in various fields.
There are several famous scientists and inventors in history who have changed our perception in everything we see, do or feel. This article is a tribute to some of the most famous scientists and inventors in history.
Albert Einstein was a genius scientist and humanist and was responsible for the development of theory of relativity, photoelectric effect and Brownian motion. As a child Einstein was however considered to be a slow learner. For more interesting facts about Albert Einstein read the article that follows.

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