Basic Face Painting Guide for Kids

Face painting has been used as a form of expression since ancient times. The colors and interesting designs in face painting can be appreciated by children and adults equally. This article is meant as a guide that will help you create some basic face painting designs for kids.
| Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Face painting was initially used by tribal people who blackened their faces before venturing out into the battlefield. Face painting these days is used to simply have some fun. Whether it is in parties or country fairs, children and adults love creating colorful designs and patterns on their faces. Face painting patterns require a little bit of patience, a steady hand and with some practice and the right materials anyone can learn basic face painting skills.

Following are some basic face painting ideas which can be used to create interesting designs:

  • Some aspects need to be kept in mind while creating face painting patterns. It is important to use watercolor paints that are specifically made to suit face painting. Acrylic paints or markers should not be used. In fact any material used for face painting should not be harsh on the skin.
  • While applying colors if the area to be covered is large then a sponge should be used rather than a brush. This will allow you to apply the color easily. Use a different sponge for every color so that you don’t need to waste time in washing the sponge after the application.
  • After applying the first coat of color you will have to wait before the second coat is applied. If that is not done then the colors may mix and the whole effect may be completely ruined.
  • Be clear about what you want to paint before you start the painting session. This is particularly relevant when you are painting faces of children. Children do not have a lot of patience and will not be able to sit in one place for long periods of time.
  • Simple face painting designs can be created by using stencils for face painting. You can create beautiful designs through stencils such as flowers, hearts and stars among others.
  • While creating face painting designs always carry plenty of baby wipes and tissues because face painting can get messy at times. Tissues can help you to quickly wipe off the mistakes and make changes wherever necessary.
Among the various kids face painting designs some common and simple designs that can be selected and created include stars, balloons, flag, flowers, ladybugs and fairies. Many children also prefer to have scary face painting designs and so skeleton and witch designs are also famous among children.

Some face painting examples and designs include:

Tiger Face Painting Design

For a tiger face painting design you need to first paint the area around the mouth with white color. Use yellow paint to color the area around the eyes, chin and cheeks. Now add orange to the outer part of the face and blend this color well with the yellow color. These colors should be blended till you get the desired effect. With a brush that is medium in thickness paint white colored eyebrows over the eyes. The actual eyebrows can be used as a guide in painting the white eyebrows. Add simple brush strokes in the region around the mouth to create the whiskers. White stripes can be added by starting from the outer edge of the orange color and dragging the brush in. Black paint should be used to add the nose and a line should be added between the nose and the top lip with the black color. This line should get larger towards the upper lip. The lips should be painted black and black stripes should be added in the same way as white stripes are added. With a thin brush small dots in black color should be added above the upper lip. Finally glitter should be added between the stripes.

Butterfly Face Painting Design

Initially use the plain white color to cover the entire eye area and then use bright pink color and apply it around each eye in the shape of wings. The centre part of the wings should be colored in yellow and the outline of the wings should be colored with purple color. Now the body of the butterfly should be well defined with dots from the top to the bottom of the nose reducing the size of the dots along the length of the body. From the top of the body curly antennae should be added. While coloring the wings teardrop shapes should be added in various colors.

Witch Face Painting Design

With a sponge sparkle white paint should be applied on the face. Then the outer part of the face should be colored in electric green. The color should be added in a way wherein the face gets a greenish white tinge. With black color the lips and the area under the eye should be painted. The eyebrows should be colored the same way they were in the tiger design. Some cobwebs can be added to the side of the face up to the eye area with black color to give it the spooky look. The spider web can be outlined with some electric gold color and you can also add a spider on the web.

Flower Face Painting Design

A flower design is amongst the easiest face painting ideas. This pattern can be painted with the use of a black pencil to drawl the outline of a flower on the cheek. You may use a stencil for this design. The petals of the flower should extend up to the temple and the bottom of the cheek. The flower should also have leaves and you can draw these on the forehead and a few on the chin as well. The leaves should be colored green. Now color the centre of the flower and the outline of the petals with the red color. The red and yellow colors can be mixed to create the orange color. Using the red color the lips should be painted and the eyebrows and eyes can be highlighted.
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