Baby Room Design and Decoration Ideas

Decorating the baby's room or nursery can be a whole lot of fun. You can play around with colors and fabrics and incorporate beautiful themes in the room. The baby room designs and decoration ideas in this article will guide you in decorating your angel's haven.
| Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Decorating the nursery of your baby can be an exciting yet daunting experience. This is because the nursery is the place where you baby rests, plays and grows. The baby room decor should be such that makes your baby feel safe, secure and loved. The baby room themes and designs should be stylish and within the budget limits. Some baby room design and decoration ideas can guide and help you design the perfect nursery for your precious angel.

Some baby room ideas include

  • Before deciding and finalizing upon the baby room decor it is important to do proper research on different decorations and styles. Baby room pictures in design magazines, visiting malls and other department stores can help you decide about the baby room designs and other details.
  • Likewise before zeroing down on baby room furniture it is important that you take proper measurement of the room so that aspects of harmony, style, color and rhythm are taken into consideration before implementing the ideas. It is advisable to try and put together all the design ideas so as to check whether all the elements fit in well and complement each other.
  • Try and experiment with the baby room decorations and arrangements so that you get a nursery that not only looks beautiful but is also filled with warmth and is safe and secure for your child. Before painting the walls in the nursery try out different color combinations till you find a color that appeals to you and that looks good with the furniture. While painting the room if your budget is limited then you can have friends and family friends put their hand prints on the wall and this will give you a colorful pattern. You can also use special baby room wall stencils to color the walls. With these stencils you can create special designs and patterns.
  • You can choose to use curtains for the baby room along with other options for treating the windows such as shutters or blinds. If you plan to use curtains then you can use fabric samples so that they match the décor.
  • In case you plan to change the flooring ensure that it suits with the entire baby room décor. You can also opt for stain resistant flooring. The bedding of the baby should be comfortable and the colors should complement the area rug and the flooring.
  • Some wonderful baby room decorating tips include using themes such as super heroes and cartoon characters to decorate the room. You can also use motifs of animals and other characters like Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan in the themes. Some other themes that you can use include Noah’s ark, dolphin theme etc. Using flowers, mermaid design and other feminine themes can work wonderfully well for baby girl room décor ideas. Baby pillows can also add color and beauty to the nursery. A rocker or a comfortable chair can also add to the beauty of the nursery.
  • Baby room lighting is also important and simple light fixtures can really add to the beauty of the nursery. You can also put a small chandelier in the room. Pictures and wall hangings can also add a special touch particularly if you frame children’s artwork on the walls.
  • While decorating your child's room the theme should not be too babyish otherwise your child will outgrow it pretty soon and you will be faced with the task of redoing the room all over again. Also ensure that all material used is non toxic and completely safe for the child. The bedding, pillow covers, curtains should preferably be washable fabrics or it should be possible to wipe these down easily. This is because the possibility of stains increases with children.
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