5 Reasons to Take Your Small Business to the Internet

For small businesses who operate locally, there are many reasons why you should think globally by putting your business on the internet. This article starts with five reasons for you to consider.
| Sunday, January 09, 2011

Every business is on the internet.  Is your business there too?

Your competitors are probably already there so it might be a good idea to start thinking about getting your own website or getting listed in online directories.  Here are five reasons for you to think about:

1. Wider Customer Reach

Your small business has the potential to be as big as you want it to be because opportunities for growth are no longer limited to your local town.  Your geographical reach can go beyond your city limits. Your customers can even be in another country.  You can be selling winter jackets, swimsuits, shoes, fruits, flowers, couches, swing-sets, pre-owned cars or renting medical equipment, you have to widen your market to catch more sales. 

2. Easy Searchability and Availability

Any type of merchandise you're selling can be marketed on the internet.  People these days find it tiring to actually go around town to scout for rare items or specialty products.  But if your company is on the internet, your potential customer can easily type the name of your item on a search engine and you can come up as one of the results.  Start by making it easy for your customers to find you - and then you can start building towards a sale. 

3. Be Open on Weekends

No, I don’t mean you have to physically be in your office or shop on a weekend.  You can be at home watching TV and cooking barbeque with your family.  What does stay open is your website!  Your customers have more free time on weekends and they will very likely be on their computers searching for your products. With your website uninterruptedly open for as long as the hours tick away, your customers can find your company, take a look at the stuff you sell, send you an online request or even purchase your products online. 

4. Lead Generating Source

Some customers are just not ready to ride on the "internet shopping" wagon yet. But this doesn’t stop them from being your customers too. You still have to cater to them by meeting their needs halfway. Make an online request form available on your website for these customer types to send you a message that tell you they’re interested.  Post your phone number so they can call you and probably visit your store. This makes your website an instant lead generating tool that you can use to your advantage.

5. Get Customer Feedback

So your customer went to your store, bought your products, you shook their hand to close the deal but does it stop there? No! You need to get your customers' feedback when they use your product.  Will they be recommending your store to friends? Did they have an enjoyable purchasing experience? Which parts of your business could use some overhaul?  These questions can be answered by your customers through your website.  Because they can easily reach you back and send you the feedback you need, you can make improvements to your business which will ultimately lead to your growth.

Grow your business through the internet today.  Get the boost-up you need from professional website designers.

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