Home Schooling - How to Decide if it is Right for You

Is home schooling right for your home and children? Read on to find the feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of home schooling.
| Thursday, December 17, 2009
Home schooling is a great option for many families.  As many people have extenuating circumstances, either for themselves or their children, they are looking towards alternative methods of education.  Other people simple do not agree with the teaching methods or curriculum being used in schools and, therefore, choose to take education into their own hands.  Whatever the reason, there are a few things to consider when determining if this is the right solution for your family.

One major thing to consider when deciding if home schooling will work for you is if you can afford it.  Although private schools charge tuition, public schools are free to people within the district.  So, although teaching your children at home will be cheaper than sending them to a private institution, there can still be significant costs involved.  These costs can include books, teaching supplies, and any supplemental activities in which you plan to have your child participate.  Beyond a regular curriculum, many parents choose to have their children go on a wide variety of field trips or join various groups.  A lot of people feel that this gives the child a more well-rounded education as well as a good chance to socialize.

Other than monetary cost, another thing you need to make sure you can afford is time.  Home schooling requires a lot of commitment on your part.  It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to make sure you will be able to set aside a good majority of your day to devote to teaching, as well as to enforce this schedule with your children.  Without the set structure of a regular school day, it can be quite a challenge to motivate your child to do their work at the specified time.  However, some kids thrive in a less-institutional environment, and having the ability to learn in a comfortable setting allows them to focus more clearly.

The last thing to seriously take into account when deciding if alternative education is right for your family is if your child will truly benefit from it.  No matter what the format, there are still many skills and facts that a child must learn in order to succeed later on in life.  Some parents choose to go with a more traditional curriculum, while others believe a less direct form of delivery is best.  However, you need to seriously assess whether or not these teaching methods will work for your particular child.  Home schooling allows for a lot of personal choice and can be a great option for the right family.
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