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Painting is a visual medium of expression. Some paintings successfully reflect the beauty of nature while others have been painted to reflect the social and human fabric. Over a period of time some famous paintings have managed to gain much admiration and approval and this article provides a few details about those paintings.
| Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Vincent Van Gogh rightly said, "Paintings have a life of their own that is derived from the painter’s soul". Painting is a form of expression that may be representational or naturalistic. It includes landscape, abstract, symbolism, figurative and spiritual forms of painting. It may be political or loaded with emotions or narrative content. Some of the earliest paintings were cave paintings and included figures of humans and animals engraved on cave walls throughout the world. Painting has continued to be an important form of human expression and an inherent part of the human social fabric. Painting has over a period of time evolved to include new media and contemporary subjects and techniques. However in spite of all these developments and changes some famous paintings and certain artists continue to be revered and studied by many art enthusiasts, students and the public.

Renaissance art has been considered as one of strongest and most popular movements of art depicting the beauty and pleasures of life. Renaissance paintings are known for the large scale works and there is great deal of harmony and restraint reflected in these works of art. Many of these were allegorical paintings or devotional pieces. Some of the mediums used in these paintings include tempera on panel and oil on canvas. Various new art movements have been propounded since renaissance and there are several famous paintings that have been appreciated for their subject, composition and beauty. Some other famous painting artists and their paintings include:

Leonardo da Vinci Paintings
Born in 1452 Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps most known for such famous works of art as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Even today people postulate about the reason behind Mona Lisa’s smile. This painting was completed in 1505 and the medium used was oil on poplar wood. It is perhaps the most widely recognized painting in art history. Da Vinci used the Sfumato technique on the corners of Mona Lisa’s eyes and mouth and this allows her face to look different each time. In this technique one form was used to blend with another. The Last Supper was painted in the 15th century as a representation of the last supper during the final days of Jesus Christ.

Michelangelo Paintings
Michelangelo was a renaissance artist, sculptor, poet, and architect known for his perfection and beautiful creations. While Michelangelo is known for his sculpture he is also responsible for creating two of the most beautiful works of art in the history of painting. The Last Judgement and the Sistine Chapel are revered even today as some of the greatest works of art. The Last Judgement was completed in October 1541 and is the depiction of the second coming of Christ. The Sistine Chapel took four years for completion and was completed in 1512. This composition contained around 300 figures and centered on the Book of genesis.

Monet Paintings
Claude Monet is widely regarded as one of the greatest Impressionist artists of all times. He was fond of painting his own gardens. Water Lilies is often regarded as his greatest work of art and actually is a part of a series consisting of around 250 oil paintings depicting his flower garden. Many of the paintings in this series were painted by Monet while he experienced problems of cataract.

Other Paintings
Abstract art and abstract paintings have also found a large audience. Mark Rothko paintings which are in abstract expressionist style and Picasso paintings with their cubist reflections have often been regarded as masterpieces of modern art. Guernica that portrays the horrors of Spanish civil war and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon are regarded as the greatest of all Picasso paintings.
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