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So the only thing you know about Mexico is its famous cuisine. There is however a lot of diversity and beauty in this country. Here are some quick Mexico facts.
| Saturday, October 18, 2008
Mexico is a land of varieties and is situated in the southern area of North America. The northern part of this beautiful land is desert like and the southern terrain is exactly opposite with mountainous jungles that contain the famed Aztec and the Maya ruins. Some of the most populous areas of this beautiful country include Mexico City, Guadaljara and Veracruz. The population is of mixed Indian and Spanish descent. Mexico is not just known for its world heritage sites and its food but there are some very interesting facts about this country. Following are some quick Mexico facts:
  • The total area of Mexico is around 1,958,200 sq km and its population is more than 100 million. The official name of this country is Estados Unidos Mexicanos and Mexico City is its capital. Spanish is the official language but there are many other languages spoken in this country including around 62 other indigenous languages. Christianity is the main religion in this country and after Brazil this country has the most number of Catholics. Mexico gained independence from Spain on 16th September 1810.
  • Mexican Peso (MXN) is the official currency of this country and the highest point in this country is called Volcan Pico de Orizaba which stands at 5700M. This country is the third largest among all the Latin American countries.
  • The national flower of this country is Dahlia and the national sport is soccer. The national tree of Mexico is the cypress. This country has a literacy rate of around 92 percent.
  • The largest city in the world is the Mexico City and it was built where once the ancient city of Tenochtitlan stood. This is also the most populous metropolitan area.
  • The central highland region of Mexico has numerous volcanoes. Popocatepetl volcano tends to give out smoke and steam from time to time even though it is a silent one.
  • The longest river in Mexico is the Rio Grande.
  • The main crop grown in Mexico is Corn and it is used in making the most well known food item called as tortillas. When a tortilla is folded and different food items are stuffed in the tortilla it is called tacos.
  • In Mexico children use the last name of the father and also the maiden name of the mother is used. This is done so as to ensure that the heritage of both the parents is carried on.
  • The flag of Mexico represents different things for the different colors. Green signifies victory and hope, red is a reminder of the blood shed by the heroes of this country while white represents the purity of the Mexican idealism.
  • The emblem used in the flag of Mexico is an eagle which is shown devouring a serpent on top of a Nopal cactus and this was incorporated since Huitzilopochtli, a God advised the Mexicans about the appearance of this emblem at the spot where Tenochtitlan was built.
  • The border between United States and Mexico is almost 2000 miles and is the second longest border in the world.
  • Mexico is famous for the liquor called tequila. This liquor is made from the blue agave plant and it is named after the city from where it found its origins. Jalisco is the primary manufacturing area of tequila.
  • Silver is found in Mexico in large proportions making this country the leading producer of this precious metal in the world.
  • Bullfighting is the national sport of Mexico and it has as many as 35 bullfighting arenas all over the country and one of the largest such arena is the Mexico City arena which seats around 50000 people.
  • Mexico was the host for the 1968 Summer Olympics and the FIFA Soccer World cup championships during the year 1970 and 1986.
  • Mexico is also known for its flora and fauna. It has 707 reptile species, 290 species of amphibians and 438 species of mammals together with 26000 flora species. Mexico is ranked second among all the ecosystems in the world and has around 34 ecosystems that are unaltered and numerous parks dedicated to protecting its delicate bio-diversity.
  • The Mexican hot chocolate is known as the drink of the Aztec people and it has a slightly bitter and spicy taste. In fact the word chocolate is derived from a word of Aztec origin.
  • Many railways in Mexico were built by the British engineers.
  • Mexico experiences earthquakes on a frequent basis.
  • Mexico is also known for its delicious cuisine. Tortillas, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas and quesadillas are just some of the popular food items.
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