Ear Piercing with Gauges

Do you fancy wearing earrings with larger posts? But you are scared about doing the stretching of the holes on your own. Read on to learn about stretching the holes using ear gauges.
| Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wearing fancy, thick earrings is the latest fashion fad. Many people choose to wear piercing that are larger than the standard size since these are noticeable and often look hip and trendy. The process of normally increasing the size of the ear lobe holes is called gauging. Many people tend to get their ears pierced with a standard 18 or 20 ear gauge needle. As the number of the gauge needle decreases the size of the piercing increases. People usually choose to increase the size through gauging or stretching rather than punching larger holes in the ear lobes. This is because ear gauges make it much easier to increase the size of the piercing.

Guide to Gauging Your Ears

If you do not have any previous experience in stretching the ear lobe holes with ear gauges it is best if you take the advice of a professional piercing expert before venturing into that territory. That way the professional can guide you about changing the size in a smooth manner and without causing any harm to the ear lobes.

The most important element to changing the size is to ensure that the change in the gauge size is done slowly so that the ear lobe piercing gets time to heal. If this is not done and the size is increased too fast too soon then it might cause damage to the skin and may also result in scars. This in turn many hamper the possibility of changing gauges so as to further change the size.

When you are stretching the hole of the ear lobes do try and ensure that the material used in the rings or plugs is not too heavy and neither does it cause any allergic reactions to the skin. You don't want unnecessary infections to plague you. Chemically pure titanium and surgical steel or some organic earrings are usually suitable for the process of stretching. Do ensure that the material is high standard.

Initially determine your current gauge size from the earring posts that you currently wear. This can be done easily either by asking a professional or referring to a gauge chart. Then buy the next largest size of earrings. For e.g.: If currently your ear gauge is 18 then you can buy a 16 size gauge rings.

Don’t jump gauge sizes too much. The process of stretching should be gradual because you need your ear lobe hole to heal completely before adorning it with the appropriate earring.

Now wash your hands and ears with a good antibacterial soap or lotion. Lightly massage your ear lobes and insert the chosen earring into the hole. Be gentle while doing that with just a slight amount of pressure. You don’t want to be too harsh while sliding the earring since that might cause bleeding. If you are using a lubricant do ensure that it is a water based one and avoid using Vaseline. It is best to increase the size just after taking a shower since water helps in keeping the area elastic and thereby ensures that it hurts less.

Always try and wait for around two to three weeks before you increase the size again. This way the area heals well. There are several stretching options available in the market such as insertion tapers or tapering rings. Always keep the piercing area clean with a good antibacterial soap and turn the rings ever so gently.

Before you set out to stretch your ear lobe holes please ensure that the piercing you will be wearing is allowed at your workplace. Also once you have increased the size you cannot go back to normal size so do think before you take that decision.

In case the process hurts a lot or if the ear lobes seem too sore and hurt after increasing the size it is best that you remove the ear gauge. People who have health issues such as hemophilia and diabetes are better off not stretching the piercing.

It is best to get the stretching done manually and without the use of a piercing gun. Also do not use acrylic jewelry in a freshly pierced or newly stretched holes. Likewise double flare is not the right option for new gauges.

Finally remember that you have to wear the piercing and be comfortable with it so don’t do it unless you are happy about it.

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