Buzzed Haircuts for Women

If you have been experiencing excessive hair loss problems or if you are in the mood for some radical hair style changes then you could opt for buzzed haircut. This stylish haircut can make you stand out from the crowd. The article that follows will provide some information on buzzed haircuts for women.
| Friday, December 26, 2008
Women on the receiving end of disastrous haircuts, those wishing to make radical fashion statements and those desirous of feeling liberated often opt for buzzed haircuts. The buzzed haircut is also called the crew cut or the waffle cut. The word "buzz" refers to the sound that the electrical razor makes and this is used to shave and style hair in this haircut. These buzzed haircuts make the jaw look wider and give a more defined look to the face and therefore can seem rather stylish and fashionable. There are different styles and types of this haircut. You can opt for a buzzed look with medium sideburns or a buzzed haircut with bangs. Before opting for buzzed haircuts it is important to realize that the average growth rate of hair is around quarter inch very month. So unless you are completely comfortable with short hair it is best to steer clear of super short buzzed haircuts.

Many Hollywood stars have opted for this style of haircut at some point of time in their careers. Depending on your face structure the buzzed haircut can have 3 mm, 9 mm, 12mm, 15 mm and 19 mm length cut. Women with buzzed haircuts require zero styling and they just need to wash their scalp and they are ready to go out. Buzzed hair cuts are a great option for those who suffer from heat flashes. This hair cut also shows that you aren’t afraid of radical styling. Likewise women experiencing hair loss in certain areas of the scalp can also sport a buzzed look. Many women suffering from cancer tend to experience excessive loss of hair and buzzed haircuts can look extremely stylish and can reflect the inner strength and beauty of these women. While opting for buzzed haircuts it is best to cut the hair short to a manageable length before going in for the buzzed look. This is because longer hair cannot be reduced to buzzed length without experiencing painful tugging on the scalp. You can reduce your hair to about one inch in length for the final buzz and this will give you an effective buzzed haircut. Buzzed haircuts do not need special stylists. In fact if you can get your hair cut to a manageable length then you can easily go in for the buzzed look on your own. While going in for buzzed haircuts just press firmly on your scalp with the electric razor and ensure that you follow the natural curve of your head while you use the shaver. While using the shaver on the backside of the head use a mirror and tuck and shield the ears while you shave in tender areas.

Women with buzzed haircuts can apply gel or mousse while the hair is damp and then style it by scrunching it. This will allow you to style your hair in a trendy manner. Highlighting can be effectively used in super short buzzed haircuts. You can add a few lighter colors in your original hair color to give it a different look or then you can add a shade different from that applied to the crown to give it a unique look.
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