Short Hairstyles - Trendy Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts tend to make most women look younger and stylish. Short haircuts are also less fussy and can be maintained with relative ease. Read on to discover some trendy short haircuts for women.
| Wednesday, December 31, 2008
A well cut short hairstyle can immediately transform a face and allow a woman to show off her best features. Besides being low on maintenance, the greatest advantage of short hair is that it looks far more sophisticated than long hair. Short haircut styles should be selected based on the face shape and features of the person. A simple bob cut that hits on the jawbone will look beautiful on a person with a strong jaw. Likewise for a round face the short cut should end one or two inches underneath the jawbone. A person with high forehead can cover the forehead with blunt and side swept bangs. Trendy short hairstyles will look beautiful on those having straight hair because maintenance of straight hair is easy. To maintain your short haircut styles you need to trim them once every six weeks. Hairstyles for short hair depend on the length of the cut. For very short hair the cut is at or just above the ear line while in many the cut in between the jaw line and the ear. Some short hairstyles for women include:

Short Concave Bob
This simple style looks beautiful for long face shapes and straight hair. Long and wispy bangs are created and side swept so as to give a soft shape to the face. Short layers are cut in the top region to give the crown height. The sides are cut long in the front area so that the bob gets a concave shape in the neck region. The back region is cut in layers and tapered.

Revamped Classic Bob
In this textured style height is added to the crown by cutting layers around the top right through the bangs. This style looks good on women with long face shapes. The sides are cut to cheekbone length and the layers are cut around the top for better effect.

Spunky Short Hairstyle
This is one of the most popular hairstyles among all the short hairstyles for women. In this style the sides are tapered to give a wispy and soft look to the face. Volume is created at the top and the back is tapered in shape.

Short Layering
In this style top region is layered to provide for an elevated look. Razored bangs are also cut for a more textured look and the sides are thinned and cut to around cheekbones region and flattened. The back region is layered in angles and shape is given around the nape region so as to achieve a soft finish.

Short Razor Cut
In this short razor cut the back region is razored short so that it tapers into the head. The sides are layered and contoured to fit the shape of the ears and these are blended within the short layers through the top region.

Asymmetric Bob
In this hair cut angles and curves are provided with this asymmetric bob to add more definition. The bangs are cut at an angle so as to create the geometric shape of this hairstyle. The back area is graduated to the crown and the sides are cut at different lengths. The left side sits at the ear level while the right side is barely above the chin level.
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