1960s Hippie Fashion

The 1960's introduced many alterations to the fashion world, perhaps putting forward the outlook of the adolescents who were reflecting their rebellious side. The handcrafted, natural appearance of the hippie movement was ideal for the counter-culture, carefree hippies of the past and might be perfect for you today as well. Nothing overpowers the ease of dressing in a hippie fashion and it's constant with the style to wear the hippie appearance with the green movement being so famous.
| Saturday, March 14, 2009
1960s was a period of far-reaching revolution all through the fashion arena breeding innovative ideas and imagery which come into view in the contemporary world even today. While fashion had formerly been intended at affluent, established elite, the choices and fondness of young people now became significant. At the commencement of the 60s, the marketplace was subjugated by Parisian fashion designers of posh haute stylish clothing. However the outline of clothes was soon replaced by innovative ideas budding from the London pop panorama.

From untamed, crazy, multicolored with a free splash to it, the hippy garments have always been trendy since the 1960's. Let's explore what it is about the hippy clothing that makes it instantaneously identifiable and so trendy.

1960s 'Hippie' Fashion

During the end of the 1960s, the hippie movement had already established in Australia. A lot of young populace had become discontented with the widespread conventional social principles, regarding them to be superficial and worldly. Others sturdily opposed Australian participation in the Vietnam War. No matter what their inspiration, numerous young populaces started implementing the principles of peace, humility, love and liberty and sought after an unconventional way of life. For the same reason, many imbibed the collective living and a wandering lifestyle and did trails with drugs and adapted a mutinous technique of dressing which came to be known as Hippie Fashion.

Fashion styles and fabrics were motivated by non-Western ethnicity, for instance African and Indian. Natural textiles, tie-dyed and paisley prints were also trendy. A lot of people created their own garments with accessories and individual objects were regularly adorned with fringes and beads. Uncovered feet or leather sandals were archetypal hippie fashion and flora and peace symbols became cryptograms of the movement. Equally men and women let their hair elongate and men generally grew facial hair also.

The hippie movement also paved way for other fashion styles. Denims, which had been a regular clothing piece for many young people all through the phase, were also stimulated by hippie fashion. New-fangled fashion of denims surfaced, for example the bell-bottomed, tie-dyed, patterned and decorated denims.

Hippie Fashion in Your Wardrobe!

Though 1960s have passed away long back today, however that doesn't imply you can't communicate yourself in hippie fashion. If you are actually enthralled with hippy styles and require getting these into your wardrobe, mentioned below are some handy tips you can use!

  • Hip tight bellbottom denims with broad flashy belts.
  • Halter necked body tight tops.
  • Men can opt for leather vests and wear elongated hair and beard; these have to be rumpled.
  • Short minis accessorized with chains.
  • Flat leather sandals.
  • Tie and dye printed clothing.
  • Patch work skirts.
  • Multicolored headbands put on with a huge flower.
  • Colorful and vibrant t -shirts.
  • A peace sign accessory.
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