80s Fashion Fads

In the fashion world, almost everything is recycled. That hot fresh style you've latched onto most likely isn't new - it just traced its way back to a store near you. Guess which epoch is making a massive comeback for spring and summer this year? The trendy 80s!
| Sunday, February 15, 2009
Many recall 80's as a great time. The advent of MTV reformed fashion and the music business completely. The fashion of 1980's reflected the philosophies of those who were trying to discover themselves. They searched for modes to convey their imagination and identity. Fashion sure has a circular motion and it revolves back with time. Jelly sandals, bright sunglasses and glares casual attire - It's all coming back with some modifications.

Some of the 80s fashions may make you flinch now, but let's confront the fact - the color surplus, layering, and more-is-better fashion mantra of 1980's undeniably reflected a cool attitude. Let's take a look at some of the fun and fascinating fashion trends from this era, and how some of them are re-emerging in modern apparel.

Padded Shoulders
Believe it or not, in the 1980s it was considered strikingly stunning for ladies to look like soccer players! Regardless of the age, females wore jackets, sweaters, and even T-shirts with sewn-in shoulder pads expanding their structure. Some experts elaborate on the fact that the 1980s was a period when women were starting to really affirm themselves in the place of work as a justification for this "broad -shouldered" style.

Fingerless Gloves
One of the more inexplicable styles of the 80s, fingerless gloves was frenzy even among music legends like Billy Idol and Madonna. While Billy favored leather made glove, Madonna preferred lacy stuff. The trend picked up quickly with the punk crowd and has even been invigorated, although in woolen knit adaptation.

Acid Rinsed Denims
In 1980's you could be a total nobody if you didn't have a pair of acid washed jeans. Acid washing was unlimited with denim product manufactured in the 1980s - jackets, skirts, waist coats, etc. Club them all together, and you were sure to be the coolest looking person in the block.

Bright Jelly Sandals
A fashion must of the 1980s, bright jelly sandals were trendy among every man, woman, and child. The brighter the color, the better it would be!

Loose Parachute Pants
The original adaptation of these nylon pants was more form-fitting and drawled by zippers and a variety of pull-ties. But eventually, they changed to the trend MC Hammer made popular, which were in the long run termed "Hammer Pants."

Crimps and Perms
In the 80s, long straightened hair was only in fables of Rapunzel! Crimps and perms were the "in" thing. Hair was big and audacious, even for some men.

Outsized Hair Bows
We must thank Madonna for being a trendsetter for this one. This style of outsized hair bows became popular in her video for "Lucky Star". Since then huge, droopy, outsized hair bows were in vogue in the 80s. They frequently came stuck to a headband for trouble-free insertion into those big 80s dos!

Colorful Makeup
No marks for guessing who wore cobalt and golden eye shadow, hot cherry blusher, violet mascara, and bright ruby lipstick all at the same time? The ladies of the 80s, obviously! While this untamed striping of colors has made a comeback on fashion runways in recent years, it's extremely improbable for you to spot a modern-day person who dares to wear such bright colored mascara.

Colorful Plastic Sunglasses
Sunglasses were not meant to be dispassionate in the 80s. The period witnessed brightly tinted colorful plastic glasses that might remind you of Venetian blinds, maybe.

Ear Loops and Rings
Earrings became a conventional trend for teenagers. Even Men! Teen ethnicity believed that to pierce the left ear was suitable for a heterosexual male.

Casual Was the In Thing
While many women today can't imagine themselves with an aerobics leotard around town, the '80s were big on making mega casual a cool vogue. Work out garments, particularly aerobics leotards and biker shorts, were in style.

There are many 1980s fads and fashions, and while many have been restored in modern fashion lines, there are some '80s fads that none of us are keen to revive.

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