Discover the Art of Body Painting

Body painting as an art form has been in existence since ancient times. In body painting the human body is used as a canvas and designs or patterns are painted on it and this painting can last from several hours to a few days. Read on to discover the art of body painting and the materials used for it.
| Monday, December 29, 2008
Body painting is the art form that entails transforming a human body by painting the surface of the body. This body painting art is actually thousands of years old. Full body painting offers a lot of variety in terms of painting and people can easily paint clothes or uniforms on the body. Full body painting requires some tools that can allow people to exercise and display their creativity. Body painting art initially experienced a dearth of information and materials that created problems in successful completion of the paintings. However these days good paint material is available in the market. However body painting art is still quite a messy affair and it can take as much as 10 to 12 hours for a full body painting to be completed. Female body painting is particularly popular because of the contours that the female body form offer. To discover and explore the art of body painting the materials used in this art form along with the techniques should be learned.

Some companies have special markers designed for use by children. These markers are completely safe and can be easily used for marking the body and the markings can be washed off with ease as well. For a beginner these can work well and can be used to create designs similar to tattoos. However the problem with these markers is that they cannot be used for full body painting because full body coverage will take a lot of time. Color sprays are also used for this art form and for nude body painting in particular. These color sprays are available in small cans and can lay opaque layers that can be washed off with soap and water. While using these spray cans use of face mask is a must as they tend to produce aerosol mist. Some good make up grade paints can also be used and these come in small bottles in most primary colors. Some other paints that are used for airbrushing on fabrics can also be used in body painting art. Liquid latex has also become rather popular in body painting and it serves are some sort of a protective barrier between the skin and the colors. However it is important to ensure that the model does not have a latex allergy before using it. While using the colors it is important to check that they are completely non toxic. Professionals who are used to body painting models and other individuals use airbrushes to get the right effect and to cover areas of the body. While using an airbrush in body painting it is important to ensure that the first coat is thin opaque. Thicker coats tend to peel and flake rather easily.

If you are starting out on a body painting session then it is best that you ask your friends or relatives and other people you trust to volunteer as a model. Let the body painting models you select have a fair idea of the design that you plant to implement. Ensure that it does not take more than 12 hours for you to complete the selected design and involve your model in the design process if possible. Ensure that this exotic body painting activity is fun and interesting for the models. Ensure that you have snacks ready and you can also play some music so that the body painting female or male model does not get too bored. Models feel more at ease in nude body painting when they know that their faces will also be painted. If you are a man painting a female body then it is helpful to have a female friend or another woman around just to ensure that the model feels relaxed and at ease. Give copies of photographs to the model and in case you plan to exhibit the work then it is important that you get a model release. While processing the photos give it to a professional for the processing. Before giving the work for processing ensure that they accept nude artwork. Before selecting models check that their age is documented for because you would not be create exotic body painting work for anyone under the age of 18. The popularity of this art form can be gauged from the fact that special body painting festival and other events are being organized in many places. Likewise body painting is also popular in events such as parties. The most popular body painting event is the World Body Painting Festival which is held in Seeboden in Austria. So whether you are painting for the first time or plan to seriously pursue this art form always remember to use good quality colors and practice a lot because only practice can help you get better.
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