Christmas Invitation Ideas

Ho ho ho! The most awaited celebration of the year is round the corner. It is the Christmas Eve! Design your own Christmas invitation cards this season with simple ideas at your finger tips.
| Monday, November 15, 2010
Christmas is one of the most joyous occasions that spread peace and merriment at every corner of the world. People of all age groups wait eagerly to welcome the festivities of the Christmas and make the best out of it.

So how do we begin with the preparations for the celebration? Well, by preparing attractive Christmas invitation cards, to invite your friends and relatives to share the joy of the occasion.

The Christmas invitation card must be eye catching and brightly colored. So when you select a Christmas invitation card paper, try to have it of a dazzling color. Decide upon what size your invitation card needs to be. Smaller ones seem to be cuter. You may opt for a back-to-back card or a single fold one.

Here are some special Christmas invitation ideas to get you going with the card:

Style 1: Glowing Pictures Christmas Invitation Card

Let us begin with the simplest one that is using the Christmas icons. You need to cut out the pictures of the Santa Claus, the reindeers, the jingle bells or the Christmas tree. You may even draw them on your own. Paste these cut outs on the front page of your greeting card paper. Draw an outline for all the cutouts using a fluorescent sketch pen to give it a highlighted effect.

Style 2: Seasonal Christmas Invitation Card

Cut out a navy blue card paper in a circular shape. Color the base up to a few centimeters above using a white paint. Roll tiny balls of cotton and paste them all over to depict a snowfall effect.

Style 3: Christmas Tree Invitation Card

Cut out a bright green card paper in the shape of a Christmas tree. Outline the tree with a red colored satin ribbon. Cut out small pieces of golden and silver foils in the shape of jingle bells or bulbs and paste at different locations on the tree. Paste a small picture of the Santa Claus at the top.

Style 4: Santa's Cap Christmas Invitation Card

Draw the shape of Santa’s cap on a red velvet paper and cut it out. Paste in on a white greeting card paper. Paste a strip of cotton at the base of the cap to give it a fur-like appearance. Also roll another small piece of cotton into a ball and paste it on the top of the cap for the pom-pom.

Style 5: Origami Christmas Invitation Card

Make origami boxes out of different colored papers and of different sizes. Paste them at different positions on a greeting card paper. Use satin ribbons to make bows and paste them over the boxes.

Christmas Invitations Wording

  1. Cakes and cherries, joys and merries, join us one and all, to sing along the Christmas carol!
  2. You are invited to our humble home on the Christmas Eve, to eat, drink, sing and dance with all the fun to live.
  3. We wish to have the pleasure of your company to celebrate the cozy Christmas evening. So make yourself available on 25th of December and be a part of the fun gathering.

You can grab some ideas from sources like newspapers, magazines and internet for creative Christmas invitation templates. Some sites on the internet provide templates that can be downloaded and printed to be used as Christmas invitations.

The happiness in making Christmas invitations on our own has no limit. So get into the spirit of the Christmas festivities and create your own Christmas invitation cards.