Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas comes in with a lot of fun activities to give us the perfect break from the monotonous routine. So take a plunge into the world of art and make some wonderful Christmas ornaments this season.
| Monday, November 22, 2010
Christmas ornaments are the variety of decorations used to put up on the Christmas tree, the most ful filled activity of the Christmas Eve. What does it take to make attractive Christmas ornaments? Some time, simple material and a crafty mind! These simple pieces of decorations can be made from paper, cardboard, glass, metal or wood etc. For most of them one need not even buy the raw material from the market. Simply pick up waste cartons, leftover gift papers or some waste wooden pieces and go ahead to make some decorative stuff.

Beginner's Guide to Making Christmas Ornament Crafts

  1. Let us begin with the jolly and cheerful icon of the Santa Claus. Trace out the image of the Santa on a white card paper. Make cut outs of Santa’s accessories like the cap, gloves and stockings on a bright red velvet paper or a cloth. Paste these cut outs on the card paper. Use cotton rolls and strips to depict the fur on the coat and pom-pom on the cap.
  2. Trace out pictures of the reindeers and sleigh on a card paper. Color the pictures, cut them off and place them at the base of the tree. Spread some cotton around the base of the tree to give a snow fall appearance.
  3. To make the baubles, stars and the bells, trace the respective shapes on a thick card board. Cut them off and color them using glitter paints of sketch pens.
  4. Use origami to make 3D balls out of bright color papers. Sprinkle over some glitters and attach a string from one end to hang it over on the tree.
  5. For the snow man, use two cotton balls of different sizes. Use dry twigs for the hands and legs and black beads for the eyes and nose. Cut out a red card paper in the shape of a bow to paste it on the neck.
  6. Make tiny boxes out of different leftover gift papers. Use satin ribbons to make a bow and paste it over the box. Attach a string to the boxes and hang them over the tree just like the baubles, bells and stars.
  7. To make tiny fruits like plums and cherries, use molten wax or clay. Children need to carry this task out under the guidance of the adults.
  8. Make some pom-poms using different colors of wool to decorate the tree.
  9. Glittering strings can be made in the following way. Cut out of very thin strips of golden or silver foils and paste them on a plastic string. Once you are done with a long enough string, twist it at different spots and spread it around the tree.
  10. You can also make simple beads out of colored papers. Cut out triangles of the dimension one centimeter base and four centimeter height. Role the triangle from the base to the tip and paste the tip over and your bead is ready.

To add to this joyful decoration gather some candies, chocolates and other sweet meats and spread them over at the base. Place some over the tree or hang them on the branches just like other decorations. Hang some colorful lights in the background of the tree to give it a striking look.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your material and get started with the Christmas ornaments.