Common New Year Resolutions

New Year is the time when people celebrate the ending of a year. This is also the time when we make plans for the upcoming year. This is a list of common resolutions that many people often make at the new year.
| Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year holidays allow people to celebrate this wonderful occasion with friends and family and it is a time for introspection, a time when we take stock of the year that has gone by. We celebrate the happy moments and quietly acknowledge the painful period. There is a palpable excitement in the air about the New Year and we make plans about how we would want the New Year to shape up. An important part or ritual of New Years Eve is making resolutions. This is the time when we quietly make promises about what changes and improvements we would like to make in our lives. The whole outlook behind making New Year resolutions is to ensure our growth as individuals, to make healthier choices and to live a better life. These resolutions mostly centre on our values and are tools that allow us to make definitive changes and improvements in our lifestyle.

Common New Year Resolutions

Losing weight

Long work hours coupled with a sedentary lifestyle has resulted in a large number of people falling prey to numerous health problems. Statistics indicate that as many as 61% of people in United States are overweight so it is only normal that losing weight and focusing on fitness and health is amongst the top New Year resolutions. With increasing awareness about exercise and good health, more and more people are desirous of making better food choices. Losing weight and fitness resolutions are therefore among the most common New Year resolutions.

Giving up smoking and alcohol

Bad food choices and smoking and alcohol consumption also tends to have adverse effects on the health. More and more people are waking up to this reality. Kicking these habits can not only help people feel better about themselves but it can also help to improve relationships, finances and self esteem of people. Many people may find it difficult to give up smoking or drinking, even then this continues to be one of the top New Year resolutions.

Sort out the finances

Money is often a factor that causes much stress within families and therefore sorting out the finances is often a top priority and a common New Year resolution among people. People may resolve to reduce their debts, save money or to make more money by taking up better jobs.

Spending more time with loved ones

The hectic pace of life leaves people with less time to spend with their families, friends and loved ones. As many as 50% people feel they are not able to devote as much time as they would like to their families and therefore a large number of people tend to make the resolution of prioritizing time for their families and friends.

Get organized

More and more people resolve to clean up the clutter in their homes and offices so that they can make time for more important and enjoyable things in life. Cluttered houses and offices also cause much stress and reduce productivity levels among people.

Reduce stress

This is amongst the most common New Year resolutions that people make. It may include heading out to some spas or healing centers to take a breather from the stressful life that all seem to lead. Many people also consciously strive to reduce stress through meditation, changes in lifestyle and other stress reducing techniques.

Pursue new and interesting activities

Many people consciously decide to take up new challenges beyond their offices or follow some childhood passion. It may include learning to play the guitar or learning pottery. The key is to enjoy life more and to tap into the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Volunteering work

A popular New Year's resolution includes taking up volunteer work with a cause that each individual particularly acknowledges and identifies with. The whole idea behind this is to give something back to the community. It may include spending time building a house for a needy family or spending time at the orphanage.

Finding a soul mate

Every person seeks to find someone special who can unconditionally love and support them. A healthy love relationship can be a source of much fulfillment and it is not a wonder that many people make a resolution of finding their match.

Some other common New Year resolutions include pursuing education, treating people well and becoming a better person.