Unique New Year Gifts

Gifting is an integral part of New Year celebrations. The New Year can be welcomed with gifts that have a personal touch and that are creative and thoughtful. This article will guide you in selecting unique New Year gifts for men and women.
| Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year is the harbinger of new hope and positivity. It is a time when people look back on the year that has gone by and make plans and resolutions for the upcoming year. It is also the time for celebrations and gift giving. Shopping for unique New Year gifts is an integral part of this wonderful occasion. The 10 best New Year gifts include:

New Year Gifts for Men

  • There are a large number of interesting items that you can select as gift for the man in your life. Among all the items electronic goods are perhaps the most popular and preferred gifts for men. Around one half of the adult population in the US enjoys playing video games so gifting some games or the playstation can make your man very happy. MP3 players, flat screen TVs, laptops can also be amazing gifts for this New Year. Likewise GPS devices also can be wonderful New Year Gifts for men.
  • You can gift your guy tickets to his favourite movie or the show that he wanted to watch in theatre. Likewise tickets to the sports game or rock concert that he always wanted to attend can be great New Year gifts.
  • If your guy is a health freak you can gift him a fancy treadmill or any of the interesting exercise machines available in the market. If there is a magazine that your man loves then you can gift him a yearly subscription to that magazine.
  • A leather belt or wallet can also prove to be a wonderful New Year gift. In fact you can make a basket of goodies for your guy. Some homemade New Year gifts such as his favourite homemade cookies, his favourite chocolates, wine and cheese can be added to the basket and you can also keep the wallet in the basket.
  • You can gift an assortment of products like shower gels, after shave lotions, cologne etc. You can also gift an electric razor or shaver.
  • Most men enjoy a barbecue on weekends so you can buy a wonderful grill or barbeque and it will surely be his most prized possession. It will also allow you to spend more time together as a family and you will be able to enjoy many wonderful family meals. In fact you might  celebrate and bring in the New Year with a great barbecue dinner with the family. If you already have a grill then you can gift him a nice grill cover or some lovely grill tools.
  • A hammock with a stand and pillow can also be among the best New Year gifts for men. Any man will appreciate this lovely gesture and the thoughtful gift. You can also gift him a relaxing couch where he can just lie down after a hard day’s work and watch his favourite television programs.
  • If your husband or partner has a busy professional life then you can get him a PDA or an organiser. Some other amazing gifts for the New Year include a beautiful leather bound diary or an elegant watch.
  • In case your guy loves entertaining his friends and colleagues, you can gift him a home bar. A small and decent bar will look rather sophisticated and he will appreciate this gesture deeply. In case he enjoys his wine you can get a wine rack for him in the kitchen or the bar and this will allow him to store his vintage properly.
  • If your guy loves reading then you can gift him his favourite book or then if he enjoys movies then you can gift him CDs of his favourite movies. Music CDs can also be wonderful New Year gifts for men.

New Year Gifts for Women

  • A bunch of beautiful flowers and chocolates can be a lovely gift. You can give this as a New Year gift and add a personal touch to it. You can include an interesting book along with the flowers and chocolate or you can also include tickets to a movie or a performance at the theatre.
  • Women love cosmetics and spa products so you can give a bunch of cosmetic products or spa items to your lady love or wife. If you want to splurge then you can whisk her away for a day at the local spa followed by a romantic dinner at her favourite restaurant.
  • If you can make dinner for her then she will deeply appreciate your efforts and your desire to please her. You can make some homemade delicacies and carry them in a picnic basket and then you can take her to the local park or a place that will have firecrackers show as a part of its New Year celebrations.
  • Accessories also make for amazing gifts for New Year. You can gift her a beautiful leather belt or a lovely and elegant handbag. Other items that can prove to be great New Year gifts for women include jewellery and diamonds in particular.
  • Mobiles phones can also be given as New Year gifts for women. A mobile phone will convey your desire to stay connected with the woman in your life. There are a large number of different models and varieties of mobile phones that are available in the market. You can easily select one that suits your budget.
  • Designer dresses and shoes can also be amazing gifts for the New Year.
  • Other gifts for New Year include shower gels, body lotions and creams. You can make a basket of these items and add a beautiful colored body sponge and some scented candles.
  • Photo frames can be beautiful New Year gifts for women. You can also gift digital photo frames that can allow for the display of multiple photos.
  • Perfumes also make great gifts for New Year. Another wonderful idea would be to give gift vouchers to women. Women love shopping and gift vouchers allow them to select something that they want. Alternatively you can also take out your wife or partner for a day of shopping as a gift.
  • A pet can be amongst the best New Year gifts for women. Women love animals and if your lady is particularly fond of animals then you can get her a cute puppy or a kitten of her choice. Other amazing gifts for New Year include interesting sculptures, wind chimes and dream catchers.